Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Food on my Mind

Why is that? Why is it that food is a constant on my mind? Not in a bad way, of course. Mostly good these days. As in: whats gonna be for supper mom? or what are your plans for lunch? Do we have anything good for snacks? What if Bobbys sugar goes, do we have something for the highs & the lows?
Sometimes I am irritated about how much we actually have pay attention to the food in our daily lives. Funny huh? I mean, I love food just like the next person, but sometimes I feel like it hits every area of my life.
Ie: Now that I am almost a year post surgery I see people who eat unhealthy & live an unhealthy lifestyle & I want to reach out & promote or help educate or just tell them, "it could be better, YOU could be better." BUT I can also see it from another viewpoint "Who the hell are you to tell me or try & tell me what I should do or what I should SEE as a better way of life!" Cause you know what? I was there once. I was. And I remember a time when I felt like the only thing that would ever be there for me was FOOD. I think we shall always have a love/hate relationship. This on the heels of putting together my wedding reception dinner menu & CAKE!!
I will be baking the next few days, making cup cakes & trying to perfect the art of the lovely cupcake towers that seem to be very popluar right now with receptions & parties in general. I've got a couple fab recipes I copied from a friend so I'm going to try them out!! Should be fun!
Anyways, keeping this short & sweet ;).
Until next time ...
Blessings!!!! ^j^