Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time in a Bottle.

Today is Halloween. Alas I sit here at work as my kids grow older by the minute & I am not with them to share in the frightful festivities of this 'trick or treat' evening. I'm saddened. I'm missing moments & pictures and rustling, crunching of leaves. I'm missing pulling the jacket lapel up over a shoulder to ensure warmth, and hearing the squeals of frightened delight. I'll get out in time to pick them up from Nana & Papa's as their sugar buzzes spin out of control & eventually come crashing in about a half hr after we arrive in the comforts of home.
I'm blessed.
Truly blessed.
But I miss moments. I'm sure you can sympathize.
My weight has teetered stoically the same. I did have another 5lb loss, which I was pleasantly surprised. But I know in my search to lose these last 30 lbs its going to take more than what I have been doing. I'm ready 2 step it up. I'm ready 2 achieve my goal & set new goals in different areas. I've been bad about carbs lately. Grrr....& with the holidays approaching it"s going 2 be tough but I am determined 2 succeed!! And I am also a little more than upset that it can cost so much to remain & maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want my kids to follow a more balanced lifestyle. My 16 yr old said 2 me the other day "Mom I wish I could eat like you." In that he meant as little as I sit & eat at the dinner table with all of them. Yes, my pouch doesn't allow much, but what he doesn't realize is that I eat healthy in several small meals a day, but I MAKE it a point 2 sit down with everyone (this is something my husband & I totally agree on) at dinner, because thats family time. It's when we 'catch up' & 'keep up' on all levels. And I'm glad my parents made it a tradition in my family growing up....dinner was the time for everyone to sit & have a meal & enjoy eachother! As we grew older of course, those days turned into Sundays...everyone makin it back to mom & dads place to 'keep up' & 'catch up'. Writing this makes me miss my mom & dad who both passed 30 days apart of eachother in 2001.
I'm blessed.
Dedicated to forever best friend.
Dedicated to poppa who could fix the world.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Here we are!! Officially Mr & Mrs Wilson! What a wonderfully eventful day it was!!