Saturday, September 18, 2010

End of Summer & picnic plans

So summer has officially ended here in Michigan I believe. Once the first week in Sept set comfortably in our warmer temps & humidity took a nose dive & its been cooler ever since. We're talking sweatshirts & jackets & no more wearing the cute cut off jean shorts!! Brrrrr....It's time for wooly socks & snuggling under a nice flannel blanket! The leaves are starting to turn color, but the beautiful greens are hangin on. We've had a few days of rain & cold temps. Loved waking up this morning to hear the rain on the roof & the rolling thunder.
My weight loss is at another stand still. I'm thinking it has much to do with the fact that I have been stressed out about all this planning & coming together of events for my wedding that's taking place this coming weekend! What did this girl used to do when she was stressed? I am sure you can all guess right??? EAT! I am not eating like I used to, but I have noticed I have been making not so good decisions about what I am putting into my body for fuel lately. I've re-introduced potatoe chips & dip back in & I am pretty sure I need to rid myself of them, as I am finding out it makes me crave salt terribly!!! That & I've found I am craving milk?? Whats up with that?? I buy 2% milk for the house for cooking, baking & for the kids to drink, but I find myself wanting to drink at least an 8 ounce glass of it thru out the day. I am able to look at myself in the mirror and physically see where I want to lose the weight that my body is having a hard time getting rid of. Of course it happens to be my middle section. I feel good, I feel like I look ok, but I truly would love to lose another 30lbs to get down to my goal weight. If I find I don't like it there then I could deal with putting a few pounds on, but I just want to reach that goal & be able to say "I did it!!"
I met a gentlemen recently, who happens to be my fiance's Uncle. He went thru bariatric surgery (RNY) 3 yrs ago. Had surgery in Grand Rapids, had a few slight complications after (of course he's in his 60's) but lost a total of 130lbs, and looks great. Says he feels great, was the best decision he made. He has put a total of 30lbs back on since he reached his goal weight, but says he would do it all again & wouldn't change a thing.
I am in the midst of trying to finish up writing my wedding vows. Whew. We had decided we were going to do our own vows of sorts, then since the Man & I hadn't discussed it in quite awhile I figured with everything else going on we would just do tradtional vows & told the minister this...but in convo with the Man the other night he informed me he's been working on his the last 2 weeks!! And when was he going to tell me this? So, although I had thought of a few things before I am now trying to get it all out on paper. You would think being a published poet I wouldn't have a problem right?? Ha!!! Let me see, where could I start? I mean there's so much I could say about the man I am about to marry & commit my life to. Whew is right!! But I know it will all come together, as things seemingly are slipping their way into that mode slowly but surely.
I am so thankful for all I have & the many blessings that continue to appear in life.
I will keep you all posted. I will post pictures of the wedding & all that surrounds that special event!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Here is a pic of me in May of last yr the day I met with the Dr's & nurses at the Sparrow Weight Loss Management Center/ Sparrow Bariatric Specialists. I weighed in at 343lbs on that date. My 1 yr sugiversary was August 26, 2010! I can tell you that it was the best decision I made for my life. I have learned so much about ME and about LIFE and about many other things. I have experienced so many positive things in regards to my weight loss. Ie: the weight loss itself, my self worth & importance, the need to stay healthy & what I need to do to maintain that thought pattern & that lifestyle.
I look at this picture & realize, not fully, how far I have come, because I still see myself as this picture portrays. I am conscious of the 'space' around me, I know I am not this large anymore, but 'inside' I'm still that girl. Is that bad? Well, I do not look at myself 'negatively'. I think I am better than I used to be ;). I am told all the time I look great & that I am beautiful. I do feel beautiful most times, but I have that 'big girl' mentality sometimes. It helps me sometimes as I think I am more sensitive to others in knowing what they may be experiencing & going thru. I can sympathize. I think it also helps that in all of this, I never gave up hope & I do not give up hope in achieving where I'd like to be. I am told I look great where I am at, at this point & I am happier than I have ever been.
It's been a scattered day today, and I feel like my thoughts are being carried away from me. Sorry if this seems to be that way. But I promise I will be back soon & much more organized in thought!
Hope you all have a great Labor Day wkend! Blessings!!