Sunday, December 27, 2009

Phat jeans, Skinny jeans, Every inbetween jeans

Ok, so I have come to the realization that my once skinny black jeans have become my old black phat jeans, and that my Christmas present too myself blue jeans are my favorite jeans, while my really nice white jeans also look really good as well!! I'm excited!! Although I'm sure the sales ladys in the clothing stores I usually shop are probably excited when I walk through the door. No, I didn't go out and spend a huge amount of money for them~ I mean why would I when in a few weeks I'll be into another size? BUT...I did have to have something that I felt good & looked good in right? So paying $15 is not the end of the world. Trust me, if I could find ones that looked great & felt better at the Salvation Army, well they would be mine!! But I haven't been able to find anything that appeals too me there.
The photo I posted is of me. Yes yes!! All serious & blue eyed.
This holiday weekend has been a bugger. Boring more like, but I have enjoyed catching up with friends & family during my lulls. The next 3 days here at work should go by fairly fast & then I am so looking forward to my days off!! Cleaning house, spending time with kids & who knows what other wonderful things may happen.
I do plan on checking out something a friend of mine shared with me. Protein bullets? You can buy them over the counter, liquid capsules, although apparently they contain collagen, so I may have to touch base with my nutritionist & see if its something she recommends. Of course I would not use it frequently, but only now & again, when I know I haven't obtained the right amount during a day. I'll keep you posted. ;)
I had a lovely salad today for lunch. Turkey, cheese, mushrooms, peas, little lettuce and a bit of fage yogurt mixed in with crushed boiled egg. Might not sound like a lot too you, but it was divine let me tell you!
It's gently snowing outside here. Looks peaceful, however I know that its VERY cold out. Looks better from this nice cozy seat I am in. Happy that I wore a sweatshirt today to stay warm.
I'm happy!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! May you be blessed this holiday season & throughout the New Year!
My children & I celebrated our Christmas last night. It went over well, as I told them I put a special call into Santa since I had to start back to work on a 7 day & we needed to celebrate a few days early. ;) They were happy with the things they recieved & played til their hearts content. It made my heart happy to see them happy & that was my Christmas present :)
Onto the weight loss subject. I lost 10lbs from the last week I worked, during my week off. WOW. What did I do? I can't really say, because I did eat & I did eat healthy, I drank more water, & I recall a day where it seemed I ate more than normal, but I still lost! I know I did not go out walking, as Michigan weather has been snowy & cold, but I did walk during shopping trips to the mall & the stores. Some of you have asked me what is a typical day in eating like for me, so I thought I would share :)
Breakfast: 1/4 c of Special K/ or sometimes Kashi Go Lean Cereal with just enough fat free skim milk to cover the bottom of the bowl. & sometimes I will eat just a South Beach Living high protein cereal bar. (10g to 14g of protein)
Water 16oz glass after I have waited a half hour for my pouch to digest.
Snack: Yoplait fat free light yogurt. (5g protein)
My fav flavors: Strawberry, Key Lime, Peach Harvest
Water 16oz glass again after waiting for my pouch to settle.
Lunch: beef stir fry with veggies (protein anywhere from 14g to 19g)
14 oz Chocolate Muscle Milk Light 20g protein
Snack: ritz crackers (4) with Simply Jiff creamy fat free peanut butter.
Supper: 2oz of pork chop with a sauce or gravy. Few veggies, carrots, green beans.
And if I feel like something later in the evening its usually the ritz crackers with peanut butter.
I feel great today. I 'feel' like I look good & have been told several times that I look great.
I met a pretty amazing man. We're excited to see where things could possibly go. He's a breath of fresh air. Intelligent, well spoken, kind, caring, strong, a good father, and someone I could definately see myself spending more time with. So we shall see. He shares an interest in the whole paranormal realm & is fascinated with my abilties. We can talk for hours and not get bored. I'm happy :)
Thank you God for all the gifts you have bestowed upon me.
Wishing you all the best in life & love!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tired with a Twist of Yawn

Tired today. Combination of little sleep & the fact that its my last day of my week on. **Yawn** It's soooooo cold outside! And I don't think I had enough protein yesterday.
Are you all ready for Christmas? I still have shopping to do. Procrastinator here. I meant NOT be this way this year. I think it was in my New Yrs resolutions somewhere last yr, but alas; here I am again, scrambling to finish the wonderful joys of shopping. It wouldn't have been so if I hadn't of moved into the new place. Time hasn't allowed for me up til now to be able to go 'just Christmas shopping', without the kids. I have to work Christmas Eve & Christmas Day both, great for the pockets, but not so much for the heart. This is the third Christmas I have worked in a row, just the way our rotations fall, and I recognize my kids are only little once. Last yr Santa came early and I'm thinking he will again this yr. ;)
I'm hoping to get a lot of things accomplished on my days off.
I have support group on saturday. Yay!! I'm so looking forward to connecting with others. Then maybe shopping & possibly meeting someone for lunch. Then maybe out later in the evening to watch a friend play/sing in a band.
Hope you are all well!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Is this Heaven?

I am in heaven this morning. It's wonderful. I am drinking a 12 oz cup of fat free, sugar free, decaf french vanilla, hazelnut latte. YUM! I didn't know how well I would like it or how well it would go down, since my primary drink of choice is H2O. BUT, I think I found my nice lil splurge every once in awhile. Seems nice to drink something a little different and that warms the insides from this crazy cold weather we are experiencing!
Yesterday I ate; a caramel peanut butter south beach living diet bar for breakfast (12g of protein). I had a cup of cheesy broccoli soup for lunch & for supper, with 2 crackers per cup. Then in between here & there I ate almonds, maybe 15 total throughout the day. Then later in the evening I had a few pieces of thinly sliced cooked beef with about 1/3 c of brown rice & sauce. I lost another 5lbs since last week, making total lost now 85lbs. My jeans are fitting a bit loosely today, & I feel great, & it feels good to feel like I 'look' good. Thats a lot for me to say in that last statement. We are all our own worst critics, but though I may have always been told 'you have such a beautiful face' that didn't always make up for how I felt 'inside'. But I am starting to enjoy ME.
"Happiness is not in our circumstances, but in ourselves. It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire. Happiness is something we are." J Sheerin
"When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilties." Deepak Chopra
PEACE. ^j^

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Glass Runneth Over :)

Well, not really. Trying to drink drink drink, water that is. I know I didn't drink as much as I should have yesterday. Today I am determined!
Stopped into a GNC store yesterday looking for unjury, the clerks had no idea what I was talking about. Funny!! They work there & didn't know what it was until I shared what it was. 2 'buff' guys. Funny. So I wasn't afraid to share with them that I was post bariatric & had recently lost 80lbs. Of course right away they pointed me to some choices in whey or soy protein powders. They did show me an option that I might consider, which is another 'tasteless protein' powder that I could mix up in anything. So, who knows, maybe my face will grace their store again if I can't find unjury anywhere near me. I do have a few other health food stores to check out.
We have a huge winter storm headed our way. Ugh. I hope Mother Nature is kind to us because I really hate driving on bad roads. And I am supposed to start my 7 day rotation at the hospital thursday. The snow/freezing rain is supposed to start tonight and go thru thursday. Yay. Not. I have a hard time staying warm as it is, let alone Mother Nature & Jack Frost conspiring to make what some people would call "hell freeze over". No, no, thats not my thought about life...I just think it sounded funny! I LOVE LIFE!!!! I think I might have to invest in long johns this year though. Shhhhh...
Well, I must begin my day. Organizing my kitchen & finish sorting through clothes. Then I shall relax.....ahhh.
Ok peeps, have a great day & stay blessed!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Sunday

I need a smoothie. **Laugh**, no really, it sounds so good right now & I haven't had 1 since last week sometime. It's a 'want', not a 'need' but at least its a healthy 'want' right? Wish I could have had 1 to start my day out.
Wanted to share this photo. Do you see the Angel? Sometimes we forget when life gets too busy that all we need to do is look 'up'! And sometimes we get pleasant surprises when we do! I've always been fascinated by clouds anyhow. When I was a child my mom would take a blanket & lay it out, or sometimes we would just found a nice comfy spot in the grass & lay down & looked at the clouds & find shapes that made for great imagination & conversation!
I also need a new pair of blue jeans. Ugh & YAY! Ugh because I can't afford it, yay because I am getting closer everyday to my goal! I'm wearing a shirt today that I never thought I would feel comfortable in, but this morning when I put it was 'me' and that feels pretty good. :)
I'm going to look for some 'unjury' today. Protein, that is. A friend of mine found some that is virtually tasteless, so it can basically be added to a wider variety of foods & drinks. I'm excited about that prospect, so that I can achieve a better balance of protein throughout the day.
I celebrated 'cookie day' with my adopted family, many friends, new & old yesterday. Have done it now for the last nine years & enjoy it every year! We gather & bake christmas sugar cookies, frost them, sprinkle them in all the sugary splendor! We all bring our own containers and usually decorate plenty extra for others who can't get out this time of year, or just to spread some cheer. There is a rule during this decorating frenzy, 'if the cookie breaks while your frosting it, you have to eat it'. Of course after a few; the greatness of this rule wears off, but going into it the kids love it! I wasn't sure how I would do this year, not being able to eat any of these tasty treats, but it didn't phase me at all. I did not eat any cookies, though they smelled delicious & looked very sinful! I did catch myself going to lick the frosting off my fingers but decided against this, as I did not want my pouch to hate me! We had fun and filled our 2 small buckets, enjoyed conversation & had a delightful time. Came home and I made my famous spaghetti & meatballs that went over fabulous for dinner, we hunkered down & watched "Horton Hears A Who" for the zillionth time and all was well in the world.
Sitting here with a small tray of colby-jack cheese & THE BEST crackers ever, Triscuit 'Cracked pepper & olive oil'. YUM! A bit of protein with some crunch added! (cheese & crackers).
Alas, I have to get this day in gear, places to go, people to see.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Finding My Way

Drank a good amount of water today. Didn't eat as much protein as I should have but a friend of mine shared some cool protein snacks stuff & also told me about a store in Grand Rapids MI that caters to health foods & high protein snacks & meals. Cool stuff.
Met with my bariatric surgeon yesterday & one of his interns. Asked me questions & felt & looked at my incision sites. All is well he said! I have lost a total of 80lbs now. Wow. I feel great. I can finally kind of see the changes that everyone visibly sees in me. I have been a little concerned thinking that maybe I am losing too fast but all my labs keep coming back normal other than my TSH, which will have to be adjusted by medication. So Dr Y told me again "everyone is different, everyone loses differently." And he seems comfortable with the results I am seeing. In fact, I haven't felt this great in a long while.
Kids & I will put up our Christmas tree in the next few days. Its the traditional 'cookie day' on Saturday at my 'adopted families home'. The kids are excited & so am I. Its just a nice cozy tradition & makes me feel 'a part of something'. I'm so greatful for them. Our extended family by choice!
Kids & I got all moved into our new place. I love it! It's SO much better than our old house. Now I just need to finish unpacking & putting things away. I've gotten rid of a bunch of toys & clothes & know there is more that I can 'unload' to Salvation Army.
I am asking my Angels to help us with our new place & allow it to be a very positive change & for it to be a properous change.
Hope you're all doing great and enjoying life!
In light & love!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! I hope this day finds you content & blessed with 'enough'.
I love this photo I posted. It's from the Chapel of Thanksgiving in Dallas Texas. No, I have never been but if I were traveling that way, this would definately be marked on my 'to visit' list. What a beautiful blessing & what an inspirational vibe I get from it!
I attended a support group meeting this last wkend. Glad I went, I was a little late getting there but it was nice to connect & get information. It lifted my spirits. I had my 3 month post op Dr appt at the weight management center. I have met 44% of my end goal weight already! Yay me! Today I weighed myself & discovered I have now lost a total of 77lbs. Wow. My labs are all doing great, except for my TSH which I've had existing problems with even before surgery. It's just a matter of adjusting the medicine. My body seems not to be absorbing it for some reason. But I feel great!
I've been in the process of moving from one place to another. Whew. Exhausting. Why do I keep stuff? I think I got that from my mother. I got rid of all my 'fat clothes' thus far & clothes that the kids have grown out of, took it all to the Salvation Army. I had a hard time with it at first, but it sure felt great when I dropped it off & didn't have to worry about hauling it all round anymore!! I have another 7-10 medium boxes full of stuff to go yet, but no time since I am back to work already today. Hopefully I can get a friend of mine to drop the stuff off for me, so that I can be done with it!!! I have run across things I haven't seen in almost 2yrs. 2yrs you say? And just why am I hanging on to it if its been packed away 'out of sight, out of mind'? Thats the question that eludes me.....SO I think I will be parting with said 'stuff', because I obviously do not need it. I am VERY excited to have ALL my Christmas stuff in boxes sitting in my new bedrm because this yr I feel like going all out with decorating. I've been Ms Scrooge the last few yrs, not because I don't love Christmas, it's actually my favorite holiday. (all the smells, the good friends, family, the sparkly lights, the abundance of Angels) but because I haven't had the 'space' to be able to display anything. So the kids are going to love it this yr for sure! And mom in heaven, I'm sorry I just couldn't keep some of the things I thought I would always hang on too because they were yours. I realized the memory of you is way better than any material thing could ever be, like the few sweaters I had that were yours, or the darn 5" black & white tv you & dad used to take camping with you when you went. You will be pleased to know however, that someone else will love your old sweaters & get use out of that ole tv set!!! So, in some small way I'm paying things forward, I know how much I love those second hand shops!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well....Get on with It!!!

I'm happy. For the moment. Wait, maybe I started this out wrong...let me start over. I had a great day til I came into work this afternoon. Don't get me started. Lets just say that my boss is the kind of boss that tries to find anything she can to make my day miserable. (and she has the nerve to tell me that I don't have a positive attitude! Go figure!) I came in late after scheduling someone else to work my shift for me, so that I could go to a Dr appt in East Lansing at the Weight Management Center.
My labs look pretty good, although my tsh levels are up & my med will need to be adjusted. I have lost 1 3/4 more inches from my hip area & nothing in the waist...ummpppfffhhh. But my BMI starting out was 53.2 (wow) and I am now at a 41 BMI. Yay!! I am going to try and post my before picture here within the next few wks & also a current picture of my success, so be on the look out!!! I'm in the process of packing up my house to move to a new place (very excited) so I may not get to it straight away, but it will be here soon!
So a curious thing I've noticed. That some people just don't have the 'drive' to achieve certain goals & I KNOW for sure I USED to fall under the same catagory. It saddens me when I see or hear this & sometimes I just wanna reach out & hug but I know deep down we have to want it bad enough to be able to make those changes happen, or else it just can't be done. I saw this quote recently & it hit home:

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." Lao Tzu

Every new day is a chance to tranform yourself.

I've learned that I was an emotional eater. I did it to pacify my feelings, when in reality it was only hurting me. I have learned that I am the Captain of my ship...and I am the ONE in control. It also helps to have a positive attitude & a support group of friends, or co-workers, or even family. I haven't gotten tired of people walking past me or stopping me to say "wow you look great!!" I'm not sure that I could ever get enough of that, because for once it feels really good to be accepting of a compliment that I KNOW I have worked hard to achieve to get this far! I still think of myself like I did when I was at my heaviest and I probably will for a long time yet. I'm still a little self conscious about 'my space'. The dietician told me today "you'll think that way for a long time yet, then one day you'll be walking past some store shop windows & catch your reflection & you'll stop and say "wow, thats me!" " I can believe that.
I hope that you're all doing well & achieving your goals one small step at a time!!! ^j^

Monday, November 16, 2009


Today I am thankful. Not for any one specific thing, but for many things in life. I'm thankful for my children & our good health. For the many blessing God continues to bestow upon us. For a job, that even though I still love but am not so 'happy' with.
I am doing well. Sitting here eating a 1/3 c of Smart Start Toasted Oat cereal with low fat skim milk, just enough milk to cover the bottom of the bowl & get the cereal wet. Lost 1lb over the weekend. Have been doing a lot of walking lately & I have noticed an energy increase!! Yay!!
Some people have asked me what I take for my multi-vitamin. I take Optisource Post Bariatric Chewable. I get mine thru the weight loss clinic I attend, although WalGreens does carry it as well!! . There's the product information on it if you'd like to check it out! It definately beats having to take several vitamins a day, & I eat a small little something with it to off set the citrus taste. I have to take one chewable tablet 4 times a day per Dr orders for post bari patients.
Friends & I went and seen Paranormal Activity the movie, in theaters. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the filming is a lot like how the movie 'Blair Witch' was filmed & I was not impressed with this movie much. The scare factor was there a few times, but I would'nt see or rent this movie again. Once is enough. And according to reviews I have heard about the movie 2012, I probably will not go see that.
The holidays are just around the corner. I am scheduled to work Thanksgiving & Christmas this year. Working Thanksgiving just gives me the excuse to not be around all that wonderful food, plus get time and a half & holiday pay on top! I'm a little sad about working Christmas, although my kids could celebrate any day I'm sure. I haven't even started shopping yet, so I think I need to kick it in gear this next week off and get some of it done.
I hope you are all well!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chili, my Friend

I love mittens! Alas Mother Nature has turned her cold shoulder and I've had to pull out the mittens & hats for everyone. Did I tell you I love mittens? Of all sizes & shapes, all colors & styles. My hands get cold so easily & I hate to think of my kids hands ever being cold. So our basket overflows with the soft gentleness of hand warming fuzzies.

I am doing great. Weighed myself today. Lost another 5lbs from last thursday. What?! How'd that happen? I expected 2-3, happy with 5, but wow. Guess it's all the walking I do when I'm at work? So total weight loss is officially 70lbs. Whew! The weight management team said it could be a yr before I lost 100lbs..I'm thinkin..NOT. When I lose another 10lbs, I'll have lost the equivalent of my daughter & youngest sons weight combined. Woah.
Today I had chili (my bestest) for lunch. I drank plenty of water today throughout, and I had a fat free yogurt for breakfast. For dinner tonight (while I'm at work) I had a Lean Cuisine dish of Turkey & mashed sweet potatoes, 13g of protein. Which reminds me, I need to take my chewable vitamin!

I haven't hardly any scrubs that fit me nicely anymore. YAY! Well, not yay because if I want to wear them, then its either wear them & almost walk out of them, invest in new, or keep wearing the street clothes that I am finding I've kept in my closet that suddenly fit again & look good. Had a lady I work with today offer to bring in a few things for me since she lost her weight in the past yr or so & she has sizes I am fitting into right now. So, that'll help a bit. I am going to have to break down & buy new bras. NOT one of my favorite things to do, but it has to be done.
I have to admit though, I'm liking the 'new me' I see emerging from behind the layers that have disappeared. But most of all I love the feeling that I'm huggin my kids closer to my heart than ever before!!!
Hope you're all well and that this finds you with a smile on your face!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feeling Great!

Hung out last night after drum circle with friends at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I love it there! It has such an upbeat and positive atmosphere! I decided to try a different flavor of smoothie last night. I had the 'Muscle Blaster Smoothie' Strawberries, banana & whey or soy protein. I chose whey. It was good but I think I am partial to the 'Health Nut'. It was a great time.
This morning for breakfast I had 3/4 cup of a new cereal I have discovered! It's 'Kashi Go-Lean' cereal. It has 13g of protein, 10g of fiber & 1g of fat! I had my Vanilla Silk Soy milk with it. It obviously doesn't have a whole lot of flavor, but its not so bad. I might not have even taken a third or fourth bite of this cereal before surgery, but I have changed! :) It is amazing the changes that you go through. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I feel 'better' in general. I look at things differently. It's not hard for me to 'not have' all those other foods. It's funny when I am out with family or friends and they think it must be a total daily struggle for me. No, not really. I've made up my mind. There's things I want to achieve, things I want to do. Sure that chocolate cake baking in your oven might smell great too me, sure I imagine what it was like to taste oreo cookies dippin in a glass of whole milk. But my mind is set. And I think it helps that my appetite has not come back all the way yet. I did have what I consider a 'hunger pain'. The chili I made over the weekend turned out fabulous! I did have a few pieces of raw fruit over the weekend. Musk melon & honeydew melon. It was delicious! A nice flavor change.
I haven't been able to weigh myself. I know I've done well, I can feel it. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy Fall Day

Rainy Fall Day here. It's been rainy for 3 days now. Everything is soggy. The walk from my drive 2 the sidewalk is squishy. My lawn is full of golden colored leaves. I am seeing more displays of pumpkins out & more funny displays. Hilarious. The kids & I carved pumpkins last night at my 'adopted' parents house. We had fun! My youngest is 2 and he really got into it this year. The looks on his face as he reached in to grab out the seeds/guts was priceless!!
Had a cup of Total cereal this morning (2 grams protein) with about 1/3 c of Silk Soy Milk, lactose free, which was about the same in protein. Then chewed my chewable citrus vitamin, that post bari patients MUST have as a daily staple in their diet so as to keep afloat with daily vitamin needs.
Had a spot of pot roast (about the size of 2 fifty cent pieces but thick in width) & a few peas for dinner last night. I was so full after I ate I thought I might burst. But meat does that to my pouch, so thats why I try & just focus on the protein. I did find something new to drink. It's called "Muscle Milk" Light I buy the chocolate flavor. It's a nutritional shake, that I've seen come in Vanilla, Chocolate & Banana Creme. It's lactose free, 20g of protein (14 fl oz bottle) & has NO sugar added. The 'Light' version is 160 calories, the regular I think is about 260 calories. I had 2 of those this past week. Both times I bought & had it, it took me 2 days to finish. I'm still not about 'sweet' yet, and not that its so sweet, but for me it can be overwhelming in taste. It's kind of expensive, but I think worth it. ;) I did do the salmon thing I talked about in my last blog. Though it was good, it did not sit well in my pouch and created what is called "the foamies" for me. I thought I might get sick at one point, but did not. I think it was more the fact that I didn't eat as slowly as I should have and it caught my pouch off guard. I did manage small bits of it thru out the day but not as much as I had initially had. I'm finding that even though I have to cook for my kids, I have no urge to have what they are eating. And just as I said, I am starting to incorporate better things for them to eat as well. I baked cinnamon rolls and colored the frosting a nice orange for a halloween flair and I had no problems not eating any of them, when before I might pass by them in the kitchen and eat one, then later have another. Not anymore!
The new jeans I bought last weekend for the reunion I put on yesterday for the first time in a week and took my boys grocery shopping with me. I kept having to tug at the waist because it seemed that they fit a little looser than they had before. What?! I just bought these...hmmm. Maybe they shrunk last night in the wash...lets pray.
I had the invite to sit in on a 'MAP' class this afternoon. 'Medical Assistance Program' with the group in Mt Pleasant. I would so love to go, it deals with helping to heal yourself and others, but I may not be able to attend. No sitter in sight today. Monday I hope to spend time with two friends and watch as they channel 'spirit'. It should be interesting none the less! And then drum circle is tuesday night! I think I am sooo looking forward to that meditation time and the fact that I plan on stopping and getting a lovely high protein shake at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe!!!! Hooray!!
Well, off I go to clean my house and do the bedding in laundry! Ohhh AND I am planning on making homemade chili today! YUM! The crockpot simmering in the kitchen, the smells of fresh sheets coming out of the dryer, and the soft tap of rain in the windows. The weekend is totally here...
In light ^j^ have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Had an amazing time last night at my class reunion! I'm so glad I went & it def was nice to catch up!

I had to buy a new pair of jeans to go though. Per orders from a few friends since they sized me up in my old favs that I had been proud of a few wks ago to get back into, however it was pointed out too me that they didn't really fit me anymore. What do you mean, they 'don't fit'?? Just because I have to either belt them or use a shoe string to gather them in a little...I LOVE them!! Well..I don't see me as others see me, so my kind friends who are brutaully honest (which I thank them for) made me well aware of the fact that my favs 'sagged' in the butt. Haha!! shopping I went and found a great pair that I had to keep turning around in because I was seeing myself with new eyes. BUT I didn't take Heather S's advice & buy a pair that I would have to lay down on the bed with pliers to get the zipper up. Haha!! Since in a few wks they will also be almost falling off me, or 'sagging' in the butt!! I also bought a new winter coat, something I haven't had in 8 yrs. Wow huh?
Anywho, I have been walking more & doing some great stretching exercises. I have been feeling great and doing lots better on my water intake. I haven't deviated by drinking anything that I shouldn't. Case in point: last night class reunion. I wanted something to drink so I approached the barmaid with "Can I get a water?" She says, "You sure you want water?" I was like ok, is this a trick question? I did just say I wanted water. I said "yeah thanks" and she got a nice big glass tumbler full of ice water ready for me, stuck a perfect little red straw in it & said "You know what I'm gonna stick a lemon slice on the side of it for you." I laughed. Did she feel bad that I was asking for water? I mean, because I wasn't embarassed to ask for the water, but whatever made her feel comfortable. :) So when I got back to my friends, they said "You could be drinking straight vodka & no one would know." Interesting. :) But nah, it wasn't that serious.
I've decided that chili is my newest bestest friend. Not only because its cold outside & helps to warm the insides, but because it settles well in my pouch. Weird huh? Chili? U say...yeah chili. My bariatric Dr gave me that little insight in one of the last classes I had to attend with him post op. He says that chili is full of protein with the variety of beans & then also the beef. So, I have it a few times a week. I've made my own, or for a quick fix gone thru the drive thru at Wendys and bought it. The second newest favorite, oh my, is actually probably my number one fav: Tropical Smoothie Cafe' makes the most delicious high protein (in soy or whey, your choice) smoothies to die for!! My Mt Pleasant friends introduced me to this new world of healthy smoothies & I am HOOKED!!! I have only gone twice and both times gotten the "Health Nut" (blueberry, mango, banana, almonds & whey protein) smoothie. I love it!!!
What else am I eating you ask? I find that lean beef in general, whether it be slowed cooked, broiled, baked, etc, settles well with me. Still iffy on the chicken & tuna. I did buy some thick fresh salmon fillets to bake and I plan on doing that in the next few days, and I'll keep you posted about how that went. I want to start singing that dumb McDonalds commercial..."give me that fillet o fish, give me that fish.." ugh now it will be stuck in my head the rest of the day!!! (and yours now too.)
I hope your all doing well!
In light & positive energy!! ^j^

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wish Me Luck!

Tomorrow I am supposed to be working. BUT, I'm not going to be working. Taking the day off w/ pay so that I can pamper myself first, then I have my 20 yr class reunion from high school to go to!! I'm excited, yet a lil nervous to see people that I haven't bumped elbows w/ for a long while. I guess I'm interested in seeing how people have changed or stayed the same. My class was about 72 total, & we're having it in the local bar/restuarant. So we shall see. I can be the biggest bitch about cigarette smoke, ugh, lol. AND I don't drink, or realllly can't anyways post bariatric, so this could be very interesting. I'm excited to see my bff from high school who is now a Dr & married w/ children. Gettin my nails done, & buyin new jeans cuz if u could see the ones I have been wearing u would know that I need a shoe lace or belt just to keep them up!!!
Oh yeah, weight lose total: 57lbs!! Woot!
Eat right, take your vitamins, stick to the plan, get some exercise, and be true too you!!!
Hugz~ ^j^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it! And if things start to sour, well, I won't let that happen! :)
I'm carrying a few crystals in my pocket today. Rose quartz= the stone of love. Adventurine= stone of abundance. Malachite= healing energy, peacefulness. Citrine= healing ability, eliminates self destructive behavior. Amethyst=strengthens immunity, energizing.
If I haven't told any of you lately. I want to say THANK YOU! Thanks for reading my blog, thanks for the words of encouragement, thanks for sharing your stories, thanks for sharing recipes & ideas! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!! For whether we realize it or not, its a support of sorts. It's a camaraderie.
Started my day by drinking some water. Was so thirsty when I woke up this morning! I had an egg beaters, ham & low fat cheese thin wrap this morning for breakfast. I brought in, a small cup of Wendys Chili for lunch, and I have non fat small curd cottage cheese for a quick bit if need be. (protein, got to remember the protein!) I was craving something yesterday..of I had a few sips of Crystal Light Fruit Punch drink. I don't like to drink a lot of that because of the asparatame in it and all the horrible things I have read about that ingredient. :( But for a quick few seconds it was good, and I didn't have enough of it to give me a headache.
Am I drinking water right now? Yes! And soon to go on break here from work & I plan on taking advantage of the fact that Mother Nature has not opened those dark skies out there and let it rain yet, by going for a swift walk! Guess I shoulda grabbed my umberella!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mother Nature with PMS

Worked thru the weekend. Mostly uneventful. Was childless on Friday night & what did I do? I went home & was in bed by 10pm & slept like a baby!!!! The whole wkend was miserable cold & rainy. Mother Nature with PMS for sure!!!
Doing well. Trying to walk everyday, or at least do some stretching exercises. My energy has picked up & I find that my lower back pain has resolved.
I am going to work on recipes my next 7 days off from work. Try a few out so that I can get a variety of flavor. Thats where I feel like my lack of interest in eating flavors!! Argh!
Weighed myself this morning and have lost another 3lbs. Someone asked me if I have lost any hair. No, not yet & I hope not too!! Or did they mean from pulling it out because of my kids?? *laugh* I haven't had any more hair falling out than normal when I brush it in the morning.
I have noticed I am sleeping better in the night, less tired during the day. I had to move my seat up just a little more to be closer to the steering wheel in my vechicle. I am down 2 sizes in tops, and I think only 1 or 2 sizes in pants. All I know is that I will in a few wks time have 2 look into buying new scrubs for work, having someone take them in for me, because I have a few things that are almost falling off me.
There's a Mind, Body Soul Fair at a local University this coming Saturday that I think I am going to check out. I have the potential for a date but am not sure if I will accept the invite. We shall see. Then Sunday is the Post Bariatric Annual Picnic in Lansing at 1 of the parks. Haven't RSVP'd to that yet, not sure about the weather & kids situation. Ahhh, the choices.
Hope you're all doing well!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today was my one month follow up surgeons appt. I weighed in and was surprised that I lost another 5lbs since this past thursday from weigh in at support group/class. SO...a total weight loss of 51lbs. WOW.
Today I was able to wear a pair of khaki dress pants that I haven't been able to wear in awhile. Woah. After my appt I decided to treat myself to 2 new tops. I wanted to buy a pair of jeans too, but found nothing that really spoke too me. I did however, remember I have a pair of jeans that I love love love stowed away in my closet, so I am soon to be searching for those & I am sure they will fit once again!
I made a nice supper for the kids & I last night. I was only able to eat the salisbury steak & it didn't settle well at first, but I never felt like it would come back up, just a little miserable. I had a few bites today as well & it did the same thing. So I guess that it will be awhile before I can eat it. No matter. I have found some really cool recipes for post RNY patients. I'm really excited to get cookin! ;)
Stay blessed ^j^

Sunday, September 27, 2009

All Good Things to Those Who Wait....(wouldn't that be grand?)

In support group/class I was graduated from soft foods to soft but regular foods, keeping in mind to keep it healthy, low or no fat, no or little sugars, and remembering in trying a new food to try a little and see how it sits. Whew. As if that isn't enough and trying to remember to wait that half hr after eating before I can drink my water, and just trying to get enough darn water in!!!!! I only lost 1lb this wk, but I'm ok with that. At least it was a loss right? And they measured me this time, I hadn't been measured since the day I started the program preop. I've lost 8 inches from around my waist & 7 inches from around my hips. I was like "Are you sure? Because I can't believe that." And she says "Look by your first measurements." I was impressed and thats what made me ok with losing just 1lb. Because I'm still succeeding. I may not see myself as others see me, but I'm trying my best ;)
I spent today with family & it was nice to chat & see everyone. Had a few bites of marinated meatballs, seemed to set well. And then my neice brought out her protein drink she drinks & I had a bit of that & liked it, so off to GNC I will go to find the same brand & flavor. My whey protein drink gets to me sometimes...the sweetness of it, ugh. My kids had a ball and were sleeping like babies by the time we got home tonight.
I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on tuesday this week. We shall see what he has to say & if he releases me to go back to work full time then too. I'm really going to have to work extra hard on my juggling eating what i need to eat, drinking the water & working. I struggled last wk with it & I was only back part time. I know it can be done, but when you have a boss that doesn't understand, or tolerates things, well you get the picture.
I love this time of year. All the wonderful smells of Fall, the leaves changing, even though we didn't have much of a summer. The beautiful pumpkins and how people display them. Just the 'change' that you feel taking place. Maybe this yr it feels a little more so with what my body is going thru & the things I want to achieve. God give me strength.
Blessing too all!! ^j^

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick Update

I made myself egg beaters scrambled eggs this morning, with a little mozzarella cheese, parsley flakes, salt/pepper, and a few bits of ham. Yum! I had a 'normal' tasting breakfast! And there was protein involved! I'm finding it hard to get the protein in now that I've cut out the protein shakes the last few days. I need to switch to a different shake mix because the one I have currently is just too sweet. :( Me & sugar are not so good buddies anymore. He treats me badly if I eat something he's in. I do plan on getting new shake mixes from class/support group tomorrow when I go weigh in and fill out my weekly check in form. Just for those days when I know I didn't get the protein & I need to have a shake to balance it all out.
What am I eating? Thats the question I get asked a lot lately. I eat thinly sliced ham, non fat small curd cottage cheese, yogurt (I tried to stick to the greek stuff, but I switched to yoplait low fat, only key lime & banana flavors for now- I still can't have anything with seeds in it) I will probably be able to eat the greek stuff once I can have all those wonderful flavors, but I just had a hard time with the plain stuff. Ugh. I ate a few bites of a baked pork chop, it tasted so good, but it didn't set well in my pouch. It took a long time to process, so I know to stay away from that for awhile longer. I eat applesauce, and still from time to time have eaten baby food veggies.
I walked into work yesterday and the gal that works the wonderful Cafe outside my office, whom I used to get a lovely french vanilla/hazelnut latte from everyday when I could drink stuff like that, says too me "Everyday I see you I think you're gonna walk right outta your scrubs!" Ha! Just because they are BIG on me now that I have lost so much weight. I can't afford to at this point go investing in a lot of clothing, so for now they work. I still don't see me like other people see me. My mind is having that lapse and still sees me like I saw myself.
But thats my quick update. I go to class/support group tomorrow and will update you all after I attend! I hope your all doing well & stay blessed!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I must have over done it in the beginning because I was feeling so great! Well, hello! 3 kids, 1 cat, 4 bdrm house, school starting, Dr appts, meet & greets, support group/class..whew, you tell me when I'm supposed to rest. I did here & there, don't get me wrong. I slept well most nights, but it had caught up too me. I went to class/support group last night & I think its truly a matter that I am NOT getting the amount of protein I thought I was. So, back to square one & food journeling, so that I can keep total track of it. All I know, I just want something that I really seem to like & have a taste for. I still have no appetite, and most times my mouth feels dry & has a not so good after taste. :( I am only drinking water, although in group we were told we could drink the "Propel" flavored waters & Crystal Light. I tried the Crystal Light, Raspberry..Yum! But it contains aspertame & gives me headaches :(. So good ole H2O, ice cold will do.
My incision sites looks great. They have all healed well. The only slight pain I have from time to time is actually just because my belly area is shrinking and as its doing that its pulling on an adhesion I have on the bowel to the front of the belly. Weird huh? But hopefully that will resolve itself by just settling in nicely so that I won't have to undergo another laprascopic surgery to get rid of the adhesions. Ahhh, the joys.
I lost another 5.7 lbs this wk. Making it a total of 46 lbs lost thus far. Wow, when I type that. My mind hasn't caught up to the realization yet, although people tell me I look great. I notice it in small ways and you know the old saying "we are all our own worst critics". I am thinking postively though :) always ^i^
I had about a 1/3 c of cream of mushroon soup yesterday. It did taste really good. It was a bite thick for me yet, but I kept it down with no problem and no after effects, so I know this is something I can eat. I used to eat it with those lovely soup crackers or saltines, but I stayed away from those. I do like to eat the low fat cheese sticks in different varieties. I like the colby-jack & the mozzarella, they make for a nice diversion and contain protein as well. I've eaten melba toast dry a few times. Its not so bad when you're feeling out your taste buds and to truly see what your pouch will tolerate. I can't wait til next week when I can graduate further to a more solid form of eating. Not that I won't have to still pay attention to portion size or the fact that I will always have to chew my food throughly and swallow in small bites. But it will just seem nice to have 'substance' I think.
In support group there was a gal who I think is struggling with the fact she just cannot have as much to eat whenever she wants it. She's a few wks ahead of me surgery wise, but for example she ate 4-5 weight watchers butter toffee bars in one sitting. OMG what? Right??? She says she feels like "food has deserted her". She paid for it physically for a day or two after. I'm so glad that the teacher that day was the 'behaviorist' for the weight management center I attend. Because he recognized it right off and we all talked about it for a bit. Slipping back into old habits and thinking your going to get better results because of a decision you made, is NOT going to get you the results you desire. A desire to succeed? Or a desire to sabotage? Well, in my case I feel blessed that I haven't had any of those old desires yet totally. I've taken charge of those areas I struggled in before enough to recognize that at some points I ate because I was lonely, sad, bored. I fill my time with spending more time with my kids. Reading more, spending time with motivational friends. Cleaning house.
I'm back to work this week. Half days only to start til I see the Dr on the 29th. So far two days in & its not been so bad. :) Kinda nice to ease back into the swing of things, but at a half-time pace.
I also went yesterday and had a Reiki and Esoteric Healing done. I loved it. I was apprehensive. I'm a touchy feely person, but I have issues when other people want to touch me, especially on the back. I have no clue why that is, but driving there I was a bit nervous, but when I got there I felt totally relaxed & comfortable. The healing was amazing and I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. There were some interesting things that happened during the healing session which took over an hour, but as you know and read in my profile, I'm an intuative person, and have also been working on my abilities this summer. I feel totally enlightened and I took away from it a feeling of being closer to God if you can imagine that. If your unsure what either healing is about google each and discover what they mean. Some things are not for everyone :) but isn't it wonderful that we are so blessed to be able to make our own choices?
Peace ^j^

Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding Happy Mediums

Have been feeling tired lately. I think it's because I wake up feeling so wonderful in the mornings, that by the end of the day I have over done it in some ways, physically. By the time late afternoon hits I am ready to drop & take a serious nap.
I am getting my protein in everyday, mostly by way of my whey protein powder that I purchased. Mixed into sugar free pudding. I did eat a few bites of skinless grilled chicken & a tablespoonful of mashed potatoes this weekend. I was surprised that the chicken, which smelled marvelous, I really didn't have a taste for, even though it was juicy & grilled to perfection. The mashed potatoes were great, and after that small sitting I was full for hours after.
I am still struggling trying to get all the water in for the day. Seems like I am constantly sipping water, but still feel parched. I discussed this with the Dr & its typical to feel this way, although my labs this week will tell the true story. It did seem to help a bit when I decided to chew on ice chips on Sunday. It got that 'fuzzy mouth feeling' to go away. I constantly have a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, but it tends to get a little warm before I can finish it & I don't know about you, but I don't stomach warm water very well.
I bought a half gallon of Meijer Organic Lactaid fat free milk. Do I like it? Truth, not so much. Upon first taste it has this vanilla flavor thats not so bad, but then it just tastes like watered down milk. Ugh. But, its lactose free, so it settles better on the belly & has no after effects like regular milk sometimes does. It still could never replace good ole whole milk *laugh*. But I if I drink it, its a 1/3 c. . I don't over do it at this point. I think its going to be better to cook with than to actually drink. :) (note: I still buy whole milk for the kids because they need the extra they get from that since their brains are still developing and they have high metabolisms).
I ate a quarter of a piece of dry whole wheat toast last friday since my pouch was acting up & I thought that it would help. I ended up taking a half of an antacid tablet to calm down the 'bubbly' feeling I had goin on. Not sure what caused it, but it certainly was unpleasant. It finally went away and for that I was glad.
In all when people ask me about my choice to do the surgery..Am I happy with my choice? Certainly. Do I struggle? Sure, sometimes, but I am still only 3 wks out from surgery. The only time I did have reservations about my choice was the two days after my procedure. That was the worst, while I was still in the hospital. I was a bit disappointed this past week when I went to class/support group & found I had only lost 4lbs. What?? You say? Disppointed? Yeah, I know now that that feeling was totally unrealistic. The Dr put it in perspective for me, "if you lost 4lbs every wk for the next yr what would you end up weighing?", like 72lbs or less, I think. Not gonna happen. So that made my mood lighter.
I've also been having some interesting dreams about my weight loss. In which I experience me being 'lighter & doing things I've not done since I was a child.' I guess its my subconscious preparing me for what I am still capable of doing but just haven't because I got busy living life for others & not so much myself. I have in the past few months, been setting aside 'me time'. Its funny to say that I find it a 'guilty pleasure', just because I am not used to it. I know we all need our alone times and in the last ten yrs my alone time has been strictly my work time, which really is not 'alone time', nor 'me time', but I classified it as such. My 'me time' consists of thus far, my class/support group time, my drum circle meetings every other tuesday night. I am interested in taking a "medical assistance program" class this Fall sometime. For me to understand healing & to help heal other people. Even if its only with positive intention.
Am ready to get out in the swing of things relationship wise I think. Not really a 'pressing issue' with me, but rather a "want" of spending time with someone and enjoying times & life in general at this point. If it happens then great :) if not, then thats ok too, and if its just friends then so be it. I'm not about rushing things, but its always nice to share and its been awhile since I felt connected in that way. I've switched up my way of thinking a bit in regards to all of that, but thats for a totally different blog roll *laugh*.
A few things that may seem trivial too you, but things I have recently experienced that made me go 'hmmm cool.' I am tall, but I recently had to slide my seat forward in my vechicle because of the weight loss I have experienced. :) My bras are all on the furthest in points to clasp that they can possibly go, it will mean buying new bras next time I need to adjust. My blue jeans are almost falling off & when I wear them I am constantly tugging them up by the waist because they just don't fit the way they used too. And silly as this sounds it seems to me that hugging my kids means that I can hug them closer than I could before & it feels really good. :) Closer to my heart.
Hope you're all doing well. Peace & love. ^j^

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come Sit with Me Awhile

For whatever reason I was unable to upload a picture to go with my post today. Oh well. Imagine this: smooth inviting park bench, green rolling grass & beautiful trees heavy with leaves, cobblestone walk, the lap of water as it rushes to shore from the lake, fresh air, and good company. :)

Drink in all my words
let them swim in the ocean that is your mind.
swirling made bright by the glint
of a sunny attitude.
I hope it warms you, brings you peace
gives you comfort in whatever it is you seek.
Giving light is healing, absorb it;
grasp it & always remember to 'pay it forward'.

I am doing well. Still on my pureed diet. I actually had corned beef hash last night. Yum. Melted a little bit of low fat cheese on top & it seemed like heaven. I love corned beef hash. It's simple. The only thing bad about it is that it is high in sodium, but I haven't deviated so much that I cannot have it. In fact, my dietician said "you need stuff like, it's not bad, other than the sodium & it has protein". I did buy & try the low fat puddings in chocolate & vanilla, mostly so that if I was running low on protein for the day I could put a scoop of my whey protein in & mix & go. How does that work for me?? Well, honestly I can say that the pudding tastes great to begin with, but by the time I am half way thru the small serving cup, its so sweet that I have to force myself to eat it because I just mixed in my protein. Silly huh? I wasn't ever a huge sweet eater before, but this kinda has me pleasantly puzzled. :) I'm glad though, I know I probably won't have cravings of any sort for awhile. It's the smells of food that get me most, not that when I smell it I want any, but mmmmmmm, the funniest thing I have heard & used myself recently, is the words 'food porn'. Looks good, smells good, but can't have any. *laugh* And thats alright because I am succeeding. I have taken a liking to the baby foods, sweet potatoes & squash. And I have found that the chicken veggie mix is not so bad if mixed with either. I can have whole grain toast, but my toaster decided to quite working on me (go figure), so it's off to the store today to buy a new one. Ahhh the joy.

Went to the park to hang out with a bariatric buddy & talk weight loss yesterday while his daughter played. It's kind of odd, but I guess it's also normal, but yesterday I felt a tad bit down, only because I felt like this weight loss thing wasn't happening as fast as I want it too. But I know thats unrealistic because I am doing great & it took me a long time to put the weight on, and also I can't see the results or see me the way everyone else does. Just needed the 'pick me up' I get when I can talk to someone who has or is going thru the same things. The sun was nice in the late afternoon, but I was thankful for my hoodie I wore as well. It started to get cool & I am finding that I get colder a lot more easily then before...I always did before because of the problems I have had with my thyroid, but its even more so now. **Laugh** A good friend of mine let's call him the 'dreamy voice guy' said to me the other day "it's because you're losing all your insulation". **I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair!!!!! He thought he offended me, not in the least! :) So I just know I need to carry a hoodie or a sweater with me at all times. Fall is my favorite time of the year too, so I am sad to see summer coming to and end, but I love the look, the smells, the changes that take place in the Fall. It's a time to be able to snuggle in closer to those you love and are close too and embrace all the beauty that is life. Maybe I'll be able to find that person that wants to snuggle in close as well :)

My support group/class is thursday. Have labs taken & I am hopeing that they tell me before I leave whether or not I am doing ok water intake wise. I know I need to increase, and they did share that it would be difficult in the beginning, but I am curious as to how I am doing. I'm not getting 64 fluid oz yet, maybe pushing 40. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone else is doing as well. And I get to see the medical Dr this time for a quick evaluation. This wk with the dietician she will give us the next level we can go too, which I believe will be regular foods, chewed thoroughly & just making sure that they are lowfat & sugar free for the most part. Should be interesting. And we also get to find out if can be released into the wonderful world of 'workout'. Whether or not we can start our stretching exercises, besides doing our daily walking. Do I still have pain from time to time? Again, I guess I must be very fortunate, the only slight pain I have have is where my incision sites are at. The one thats just above where my jeans ride, seems to be the one that gets irritated the most, but I look at that as where it sits. I haven't had a lot of gas, or probelms with that, nor have I vomited or even gagged. I think, again, because I am conscientious of how much I am taking in. My appetite is not what it used too be. I have to remember to eat because I haven't gotten real hunger pangs yet. Thats typical they say.

Today is another relaxing day. I am going to get thru a few more boxes of things we just don't use/need & maybe even get them loaded somehow in my van for Salvation Army. And maybe take a nap this afternoon with the window open over my bed in the afternoon sun. :) I don't take naps often but I think I need to do this for me. Helps me to awaken with refreshed eyes & heart.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Weekends almost over. Today is the celebrated Labor Day Holiday. Last BIG tourist weekend of Michigan, so then the kids get to start school tomorrow. WOOHOO! Kids & I are spending today cleaning, then off to Papa & Nana's for a quick visit. We spent the past few days cleaning, sorting through clothes and getting rid of what we don't use, can't wear, etc. Kind of a 'end of summer' Spring cleaning, lol. It's felt pretty cathartic too.
We spent yesterday with family. It seemed nice to spend time with since we don't always get the chance to do that. Picked my brother and one of his boys up & met up at my sisters house to grill out and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. She lives out in the country on a rolling hill surrounded by forests & fields, gorgeous. Grilled homemade venison brats. They smelled soooo good. My sis had also made a chicken tofu salad that smelled delicious, but of course, I couldn't have any of it. When we all sat down, my plate consisted of baby squash & chicken noodle stuff out of a baby food jar. Yeah, it may sound gross, but it was actually not that bad. I drank a few protein shakes yesterday so that I could get my protein in. Gonna have to remember to buy a pill holder and put some extra multi vitamins in so that when I go out and about I can still take them where ever I am. Left from there with a friend & the kids to go into Belding for fireworks. Dayum was it cold. Glad I carry a blanket & my fold up chairs in the back, cuz we sure needed them last night. Kids and I didn't get home til midnight or after, since fireworks were about an hr or more away. Drive back was very quiet for me, lol.
Looking forward to class/support group this coming thursday. Curious to see how much more I have lost. I have not purchased a set of scales yet for my home. I'm afraid too, lol. Although I can see my success in my clothes now. Almost bought some new stuff this wkend, but I couldn't do it, because I want to lose more before I go doing any of that. I do plan on buying a bike sometime soon, & I plan on buying the kit that makes the bike stationary inside during those rainy or winter cold days you just can't ride outside. Need to get some walking in today before we get back started on house cleaning, hope you're all having a great weekend!! PEACE.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Pouch Hates Me

So yesterday was quite the adventure. I pureed tuna fish with a little lite mayo & skim milk, and had that on saltine crackers. Ugh. It did not sit well and made me miserable!! I think I had 6 small squares all day and in between I did have a 3oz shake with protein added. I felt bloated & I had discomfort in between my shoulder blades. Weird feeling. And I'm not sure yet, but maybe it was the feeling of being stuck in my pouch??
I had no real pain, just very uncomfortable. Then last night late I realized I hadn't taken my antacid tablet at could I forget that. That added to the whole thing. So I took it & within 45 min I started to feel a little better. But I went to bed feeling pouch heavy.
Today I went back to my magic elixir.
I didn't want to chance it & I may try later to get something else in pureed wise. I said I wasn't going to, but I think I might go get a few jars of baby food veggies and what not. Doing that myself would waste a lot of food. So plan food, later. I just don't want that feeling again.
I did remember to take my antacid already today and I have had 2 multi vitamins thus far, with two more to go before the day is out.
Kids and I have been cleaning. It'll be so nice to cuddle into bed tonight with fresh bedding and pj's. Think we may go for a walk this evening as it is totally gorgeous out today!! We have pretty full days the next 2 days planned. Visiting family both days, both destinations, one an hour away, the other half hr. But it will be good too see my brother & his kids since I haven't since early summer. And on Monday, maybe the kids will get to use the pool at Papa & Nana's the last time before the seasons out, who knows. Michigan...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melting with effort...

Had class/support group tonight in East Lansing. Was pretty cool. I was so tired by the time I got there, but everyone was "Wow, you look great!!" that that made up for the fact that I just wanted to crawl back to one of the patient rooms & fall asleep. No rest for the weary today. I could have found the time, but I went to the 'Connections' group in Mt Peezy before I had to be to class in Lansing.
I have lost a total of 16lbs since surgery according to my weigh in today. I asked the nurse "ok, is that healthy in one wk?" she responded with "J thats great!! You're doing wonderfully & everyone is different, they lose at different rates." Ok, I'll take that. I had labs drawn and tried to drink 3 ounces of my 'magic elixir' during class. Met with th dietician & I have graduated to pureed food as of tomorrow. What does that mean?? Texture, variety & one wk of baby like consistancy. That might not sound appealing too you, but my "pouch" (definition of stomach for a post wls patient) is the size of an egg, it can only hold 2 ounces at a time. Amazing huh? And I still have to try and get my 72 grams of protein in a day. I've researched it enough that I don't think it will be that hard to do as long as I'm keeping track of what I eat & whats in it. Plus I have the powder protein to scoop in if I have too. Feel like I am melting, but obviously with effort, otherwise I wouldn't be seeing the results I am. Stopped by my office today to pick up my paycheck & everyone there was like "wow you're melting!! we won't know you when you get back in 2 1/2 weeks!!" I said "yes you will, I'll be the one asking to borrow safety pins to keep my clothes on!!" :)
So now I can have things like low fat cottage cheese on a saltine cracker or small square of toast. I can take tuna or salmon & pure' that & put it on the same & add a little low fat/lite mayo so that its not so dry. I can pure' a banana :) Woohoo!! And theres just all kinds of stuff soft the I can have. I have to make sure I eat 6 somethings small everyday & make sure that I am getting the protein. They said some people are able to eat a 1/2 cup of food by the end of the week & I'm thinking "For real??" Cuz I'm having issues drinking 3 ounces of magic elixir 3-4 times a day, when I am supposed to have it 6 times a day. Thank goodness for adult chewable multi-vitamins!
Have been walking more. :) It's great. They gave us free pedometers in class. I had one already but this one is really nice, think I'll be wearing it more than my old one. They want us walking at least a mile to three miles a day. Gradually working into that of course. It'll be interesting to see just what I do before I actually go out for the walk, to see what I do on a daily basis. My right foot has given me problems today (hurt it in an accident about 17 yrs ago & it flares up from time to time) I think it's just because I was so busy & didn't rest much.
Am resting tomorrow while the kids are cleaning & then in daycare for awhile to give me a break. Maybe lounge around and read my book (currently reading: 'The Doctors Wife' Elizabeth Brundage) and also watch a couple movies that I rented..girly stuff & then history stuff.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gratitude is in the Attitude

"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunites into blessings." Wm Arthur Ward.

Those are not my words, but I think how they fit in relation to my world, they speak volumns!

Here, one week post op for my RNY surgery. Wow. It's been a week?? I'm doing well. :) I can say that I was NOT nervous going into this, which I thought was a little odd, but I believe when it came time my faith & the good vibes sent by many friends/family all worked in my favor & for that I am thankful!

I was in surgery a total of 2 1/2 hrs. Came out and was in recovery for another 2 hrs then whisked to my room. When I first awoke in recovery I was aware that my deceased father was with me & that he had been there with me the whole time. I was in a lot of pain the first 2 days out. I even wondered too myself "What have you done? I can't believe you did this too yourself." They had me up and walking the same night after surgery. I didn't go far, but I knew I had to be mobil so I did it. The nurses, and patient care techs were all great. Thank God for anti nausea medicine & the pain med, although both made me very sleepy. My 'adopted' dad Mike stayed with me before and after & left around 5pm so he could go get my kids from daycare and take them back to his place to stay, where when I got discharged I also went to stay. Thank GOD for them. I have been blessed in so many ways.
I have 5 incision sites on my belly. If I look at it, they are placed in the 6 o'clock, the 9 o'clock, the 11 o'clock, and the 3 o'clock position, with one on my right side where there was a "Johnson Pratt" or "JP" drain tube, for any signs of blood loss, or infection. I can say that when I do experience pain its only from these healing incision sites. Small price to pay for the wonderful results I am seeing. Now, I CAN finally see the progress I have made. My follow up appt with the surgeon was yesterday (tues) and I weighed in at 13lbs less than I did the day of surgery!! Wow?? Really?? I said. Well they did remove a lot of my stomach. The nurse looks at me and says "your stomach did not weigh that much!! Maybe ounces, be proud, your doing great!"
So my pants are fitting differently, some of my tops seem a lil too big. My bras....well, I have had to cinch them in twice already, but the cup size still remains. :)
So my total weigh loss thus far is 33lbs!! I would never have been able to do this on my own, let alone in the 5 wks it has taken place. Obviously under medical care. I wouldn't recommend losing that much in that time under any other circumstances!!
I have noticed I seem to have more energy as the days progress. Think I overdid it a bit yesterday with all the running ie: Dr appt (my adopted dad Mike took me & the kids), then back home finally to our house, and to my oldest sons school open house to meet his teacher (we walked the block to the school) and then I ended up going to drum circle last night with my friend Bonnie and it was a good relaxing time. Still in need of a hand drum, but used my maracas and it was nice. Then of course I stayed up a lil late last night here online catching up with friends, and trying to draft something for this blog, and putting things away in the house.) Lets say that when it was 1am and I was putting laundry in the dryer, my eyes were barely awake & I welcomed sleep when my head hit the pillow. Not sure I even remember that part because it felt so nice to be home in my own bed after sleeping in a recliner since Friday night. (recommended by surgeon since it doesn't require much 'getting up and out of' and allows the belly to heal better).
I get to go to 'post-op' support group and class this thursday, which I am excited for. AND I get to drive myself. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and hearing their stories, sharing mine & being a part of that. I meet with the Dr & dietician there so that I can move forward from this 'liquid diet'. I had sugar free jello & sugar free applesauce in the hospital. Wow, welcome back texture!! :) I have been able to have a tsp at time those two things, and Sunday when the fam had a huge dinner in celebration of my 'adopted' brothers birthday, I got to have a tsp of mashed potatoes which let me tell you, was heaven!! Then the past two days I have only had my optifast drinks, water, & a few times sugar free applesauce. When it came time for the cake & ice cream I crept into the livingrm into a recliner & started to read my book & fell asleep. Life is good.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Only here for just a moment to let you all know my surgery went well. Its been a little rough around the edges. I get queasy easily, & I have pain from time to time, but I know 'this to shall pass'. I'll fill you in a bit more when I get the chance to. Staying w/ my family in Carson. Having my oldests sons birthday party today. Thank to all those who have sent me well wishes & kept in contact, I really appreciate the thoughtfulness. God Bless! ^j^

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A bit of Serendipity

Definition of Serendipity: 1. An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. 2. good fortune; luck.
Loved the movie too!! (one of my favs!) So thats kinda how I feel about this weight loss & a few other things going on in my life. Fortunate. Blessed. I won't elaborate but I have met some pretty amazing people in the past few months. Thru my weight loss journey, my classes / drum circle, and on a personal level.
Some of you ask me questions, so I want to clarify a few that I get asked the most.
"You'll be able to eat regular food after the surgery right?"
No. For a week after surgery I will be on a liquid diet..aka :*Magic Elixir*:
Then I get to graduate to soft foods like low fat cottage cheese, no sugar apple sauce, mashed potatoes, etc. Now I have heard that some people at that stage decided to eat baby food. YUCK! Thats out of the question! Then on to pureed foods, then I can have smaller portions of regular kinds of food, minus all the sugars & preferably low fat. AND I have to add to some of my food, powdered proteins to help me get in 72g of protein per day. I will not be able to swallow a bite larger than a candy M&M. Why? You ask. Because my stomach will be about the size of an egg after surgery & if I put anything in it bigger than it can hold, guess what happens????? Yeah I don't like up chucking for sure! Or it will stay there & feel like someone has just kicked you in the stomach & you feel all crampy & miserable. Ugh. I also need to remember to 'sip' whatever it is I am drinking because the same thing will happen. What happens when you take a pitcher of water & start pouring it too fast into a funnel? Yeah..imagine that.
"You'll still be able to eat cake & ice cream, right?" (bless my kids for asking :)
No. Too much sugar!!! It would make my tummy upset & mom not feel so great. BUT..I am gathering recipes for cakes & ice creams I can make at home to eat. So maybe eventually. And this coming wkend when I am home guess what we're doing?? Having a birthday party for my oldest son!! Oh well.. I hear that the first week or two your home after surgery you don't feel like eating much of anything. I already notice the difference in my chocolate magic elixir & my vanilla magic elixir....the taste of the vanilla is pretty sweet & I have tapered off drinking that flavor because of that reason. I think thats a step in the right direction!!! :)
"You'll be laid up for quite sometime after surgery, right?"
Ummmm...nope, don't plan to be. I was up walking the day after having my last son via emergency c-section/& emergency bowel repair (which only happened because they had to get him out so quickly) with a sterile drain filter attached to my abdomen. The Dr's then were amazed that I was up & walking, well when you have a lil guy whose a miracle & your a few floors a mom you will do anything to get to be near your child!! ;) The power of positive & healing thinking!! In fact, in class the other night, the nurse stated that we will be required just after surgery walk to our bed from the OR bed we are taken into the room with. Now that could be a bit painful, but I doubt it will be. And the only thing I will be is groggy from anesthesia. So...I'm going to do my best & get moving as soon as I can!
"Are you getting nervous?"
Well anxious would be more the word. If I think about it too much. And I guess I'm just so ready to start this phase of my life & see what unfolds from there. Am I nervous that I'm embarking on this journey alone? Hmmm.. yes in some ways. I guess I feel like I'm a pretty strong person & I don't feel totally alone. I have and plan on continuing with support group. I am surrounded by supportive people both at work, friends, family etc. My two oldest children are excited for me. My lil guy well he's too little to understand in totality whats going to be taking place over this period of time.
"What do you do on your lunch at work, or what do you do when the kids are eating?"
I walk, when I'm at work. Walk. Walk. Walk.
When I'm at home with the kids I usually sit & have one of my drinks while they eat, so that I'm still there sitting with them. OR, I might be doing dishes or picking up around the house but still be conversing with them. Would I like a bite of their mac & cheese?? LOL. You try going without regular food for almost 4 wks and figure that one out for yourself!!!! ;)
And no offense to the people I work with, but I am really looking forward to being away from the office for awhile. I can focus my energies on other important things in my life!! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Did you notice the flower ;)

Yesterdays blog lacked a little. Sorry. My mind was elsewhere, I think it was somewhere between the low fat, super easy healthy "Philly Cheese Steak Cassarole" recipe I came across in my ventures of finding healthy things to make after I have the wls, and the recipe/health tips folder I am putting together for myself for quick reference, and tending to my 3 children! Yum & whew! Yeah this whole 'magic elixir' Getting rough. BUT...I'm dedicated because you know what??? The scales do not lie!! ;) I'm down 22lbs, and another 5 days including today to go before I have the surgery.
So...the signing of the final paperwork yesterday, yeah that was glorious!! Good thing I've had 3 c-sections & a few other minor surgeries enough to know that they basically say "if we cut you you could die". Blah!!!! I'll admit, reading through the entire thing almost made me nauseaous, but thankfully I've got experience under my belt & FAITH!! I got to talk to the director of the Weight Management Center, Patrick yesterday. That was pretty cool & he informed me that he would like my help in facilitating him in getting a support group going at the hospital where I work!! Yay! He said "It wouldn't be just for 'our' patients benefit but for anyone in or around the area who has had or is planning on having the surgery & even their families." Cool huh? I'm stoked.
Well my street is tore up totally. Ugh. I don't mind the walking a block to get to my vechicle part, but its the fact that I'm used to it being parked right outside the garage. NOT down the street, out of sight, in a dark parking area. Yeah..totally not cool. It should be fun the day I come home from surgery! :(
I bought the whey protein that the dietician told class to make sure and buy for our meals after surgery. HUGE bottle. Got it on sale at Walmart for $14.95, the container is industrial size like when you buy bulk salad dressing, at least thats all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment. Lets hope it lasts awhile, cuz it could get awfully expensive. I have to buy my chewable vitamins yet, and I have a grocery list started and have bought a few items low fat & lean & sugar free. A whole new way of buying. Will I still let my kids have regular good ole food...yeah, from time to time I guess. But you'd be amazed with the recipes & tastes you get from cooking & preparing things more healthy. Who woulda ever thought?? Makes me think twice about ever driving thru a drive thru for food again, yeah its great in a pinch, but not so great on your waistline. Some people don't have to worry about that & thats great!! I'm just not one of those people & I don't want my kids going down the same path I did if genetics has anything to do with it!!! Yeah I had my thyroid aka. natural metabolism maker removed...but I wasn't provided with, nor did I educate myself enough about what that could mean down the road. An extra thigh & leg later..... HA! HA! ;)
I have 4 sisters who I stay in regular contact with. I love them!!!! :) I'm so blessed that they are supportive, despite the fact that they all were graced with lovely little bodies & petite features. Well, maybe they did end up with moms butt a little bit (please don't hit me the next time you see me!) but hey...we all have to have some traits right? I ended up big & tall like my dad.
I recieved a call from the wls clinic today while I was at work. They told me my labs yesterday say that I'm dehydrated. Dehydrated?? Really?? Omg, I feel like I am floating everywhere & I'm in the bathroom constantly! They told me to up my water intake from the 60-64 fluid ounces I'm doing now to 80-90!! FOR REAL?!? Is that healthy?? I guess it is when your dehydrated & they want me well hydrated before lets just say "HOPE FLOATS!!!" (isn't that a movie or something? I'm sure it is...)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'll be working and maybe even blogging! PEACE.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Class/Support Group was tonight...

My last bariatric class/support group was tonight for before my surgery. The next one will be in 2 wks & that one will begin my post op support group/class. It was a good class & one of the guys in class is having surgery the same day I am, just after me. We are the first 2 patients of Dr's that day. Class was good. Learned about what was going to be happening in the hospital, the things we can expect & what we should bring..etc.

I had preop today as well with Dr Y. That went well & pretty quick because I had had my chest xray done & labs were current.

I spent the hours between my appts browsing the bookstore & I bought a Rachael Ray Cookbook on sale. A world Atlas book for my oldest son (and me too, when we want to discover). And I picked up 2 Sylvia Browne books they were all on sale..can't beat that. Then I went to another interesting store, Coyote Wisdom. An alternative spiritualism/healing/book/trinket store. Very cool. I also bought a CD, stones, & an Angel book.

Thought we might get some nasty storms the way the skies looked & opened up at one point. It just kinda a blew over..I wouldn't have minded the rain, but I didn't want it to get bad stormy out like they were predicting.

Well, I just want to say thanks for all the encouragement & well wishes from everyone!! Less then a wk before surgery. I had to sign the final surgery commitment papers today...sheesh. That was fun..reading all about the risks etc...BUT..I know everything will be fine. ^i^

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some of you may ask, "Whats with the title to your blog J?" Well, its simple really. "Phat" is that funny little slang word that I substitute for 'Fat', although it means both. "Phat" means, cool, excellent, attractive, very good. "Perdure" is a word I like. It means existance. And in general isn't life grand??? :) I think so! AKA..My Phat Existance!

Today was a pretty typical domesticated summer day. Although I was awakened by the rumbling of large trucks and equipment as the road crews decided to start ripping up our street this morning at 7am. WHAT? You have got to be kidding should be outlawed I say!!
So starting tomorrow afternoon, everyone on our block/ either side has to start parking around the corner on a side street or a block away at the elementary school parking lot. Fun. What if I accidently leave something in my vechicle & remember it later, like usual?? You can bet I'll be thrice checking to make sure we ALL have everything once exiting said transportation.

Doing well with my magic elixir (I decided that that sounded much more appealing & a little more mysterious than simply 'liquid diet'). Either way it makes people ask questions! I did get my 64 ounces of water in today. Whew. Here, let me move around a little, can you hear it? :)

My family Dr ran labs on me yesterday when I went to see him. My phosphate levels came back elevated again, so now tomorrow whilst I work I get the pleasure of having a liver/gallbladder (even though my gallbladder is non-existant due to prior surgery) ultrasound. Just to see what might be causing it. He said maybe they left behind the bile duct & if so I might have a stone creating the increase in phosphate. If not, then on to the liver. Interesting.

I missed drum circle tonight. :( I was really looking forward to it, and I was even called to ask if everything was ok & where was I? It made me feel good to know I was missed. I so needed the meditation before surgery this next week. I am, however, looking forward to my support group/wls class this thursday. (wls=weight loss surgery) ;)

Off to finish laundry then to bed! Goodnight! ^i^

Foot note: ^i^ & ^j^ are Angel symbols!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick Note

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Ghandi

Dr appt today w/ family Dr. So that we are all on the same page w/ everything. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ever Notice?

Ever notice how much advertising in food & drink is pushed at us?? It's totally riducules!! Try fasting for 12 hrs & watching tv or listening to the radio, or even reading a magazine, it's there, all over every other page, or every other commercial.

Day 17 here on optifast. Yesterday was a good day, spent it walking at the Mint Festival & had 2 walk briskly past the 'kettle corn' stand. We didn't even pass thru the food vendors section (which secretly I was greatful for, becuz summertime is just not summer w/out a brat & onions/green peppers.) Instead the fam opted for Burger King, where once seated I popped out my magic elixir in the flavor of chocolate & shook it up & drank it. I wasn't phased by the burgers or fries, or the sip sip of soda being sucked from an almost empty cup. Annoying as it sounded. Got home w/ the kids and we took a long walk around the city. I felt great.

Today there was a sushi issue. Ugh. I love sushi. It was there, I eyed it. I walked away. Raw fish & rice, what could it hurt right? It stayed there for someone else to buy. Sushi is sushi...whenever I've had it, it's nice to have a few times a year, but its an aquired taste & even liking it I wouldn't want it all the time or more than a few times every few months. I like cooked oysters on the half shell, but feel the same way about that.

Had my spiritualism class today. Well it wasn't 'class-class'. There were only 4 of us who met, but we all agreed that we need to keep some sort of connection going instead of going so long inbetween classes. So we took it off the cuff. It was nice. We had a drum meditation, which was interesting & relaxing at the same time. Afterwards I went over by the casino to see if the Zibiwing Center/Museum was open, of course, my luck, it wasn't. Just wanted to browse a bit & maybe see if they had any hand drums for sale in the gift shop. It rained on my way home. Hard fast cleansing rain. Then it rolled on past & the hot muggy air resumed. Got back to the fams house to pick up the kids & they were eating pizza. Nice. I was starving. I drank my water & read a magazine. Yeah...there they were, all the food adds, or drink this, taste that! After awhile did you know when you deprive yourself of certain things, they don't even appeal to you? Not everything of course. And I guess it's prolly different for everyone. But I thought I would struggle w/ not having Mt Dew. No craving. None whatsoever. Weird huh?

I have a week and a half til my surgery. I'm anxious. I want everything to go smoothly & the transition after to go smoothly as well. My preop appt is this coming thursday & after is support group/class. I haven't quite got my support people in place or figured out how things will work after, but I have faith it will work out. I hate having to rely on others to help out in any way. But I know that we all NEED people at different times, I'm just so used to helping others that it's hard for me to accept help when I truly am in need. Go figure.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunny Day

My life is normal, but extraordinary. Normal in that I face all the responsibilties/challenges that any person does. Being a single parent makes it more of a juggling act for me but I rise to the occasion. I wouldn't trade my kids for anything. Extraordinary in that I am blessed to have the opportunity & the drive to change what it is I want to change. We all have that, its just some of us are able to see open doors where one was closed. I'm not gilded in glitter with a wand in my hand, in fact, I think I'm pretty grounded. I like my jeans, t-shirts & flip flops & to sit & watch re-runs of "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Today was spent relaxing, enjoying life, the sun, the shade, my kids' laughter & reading a good book. It was spent mostly between home & one of the city parks by the river.

Had a great class/support group last night at the weight management center. I so needed it & the sharing of stories & the learning. I weighed in & lost another 7.5 lbs, so I'm down 17lbs in 2 wks on the liquid diet. Hooray!! Last nights topic we discussed stress management. We all participated of course! And there was a lot of laughter. We all agreed that for those of us starting our 3rd wk in, tree bark sounded pretty darn good! LOL. I also know a few people personally who have already had the surgery & confide in them about things & ask questions. Being pro-active in learning about all facets of this journey & it helps to know others' stories.

I'm excited in the people I meet in class & support group. I'm excited about new friendships & possiblities. I'm thankful for all the people in my life who are supportive. If you're reading this, then you already know.