Sunday, December 27, 2009

Phat jeans, Skinny jeans, Every inbetween jeans

Ok, so I have come to the realization that my once skinny black jeans have become my old black phat jeans, and that my Christmas present too myself blue jeans are my favorite jeans, while my really nice white jeans also look really good as well!! I'm excited!! Although I'm sure the sales ladys in the clothing stores I usually shop are probably excited when I walk through the door. No, I didn't go out and spend a huge amount of money for them~ I mean why would I when in a few weeks I'll be into another size? BUT...I did have to have something that I felt good & looked good in right? So paying $15 is not the end of the world. Trust me, if I could find ones that looked great & felt better at the Salvation Army, well they would be mine!! But I haven't been able to find anything that appeals too me there.
The photo I posted is of me. Yes yes!! All serious & blue eyed.
This holiday weekend has been a bugger. Boring more like, but I have enjoyed catching up with friends & family during my lulls. The next 3 days here at work should go by fairly fast & then I am so looking forward to my days off!! Cleaning house, spending time with kids & who knows what other wonderful things may happen.
I do plan on checking out something a friend of mine shared with me. Protein bullets? You can buy them over the counter, liquid capsules, although apparently they contain collagen, so I may have to touch base with my nutritionist & see if its something she recommends. Of course I would not use it frequently, but only now & again, when I know I haven't obtained the right amount during a day. I'll keep you posted. ;)
I had a lovely salad today for lunch. Turkey, cheese, mushrooms, peas, little lettuce and a bit of fage yogurt mixed in with crushed boiled egg. Might not sound like a lot too you, but it was divine let me tell you!
It's gently snowing outside here. Looks peaceful, however I know that its VERY cold out. Looks better from this nice cozy seat I am in. Happy that I wore a sweatshirt today to stay warm.
I'm happy!!

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