Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Finding My Way

Drank a good amount of water today. Didn't eat as much protein as I should have but a friend of mine shared some cool protein snacks stuff & also told me about a store in Grand Rapids MI that caters to health foods & high protein snacks & meals. Cool stuff.
Met with my bariatric surgeon yesterday & one of his interns. Asked me questions & felt & looked at my incision sites. All is well he said! I have lost a total of 80lbs now. Wow. I feel great. I can finally kind of see the changes that everyone visibly sees in me. I have been a little concerned thinking that maybe I am losing too fast but all my labs keep coming back normal other than my TSH, which will have to be adjusted by medication. So Dr Y told me again "everyone is different, everyone loses differently." And he seems comfortable with the results I am seeing. In fact, I haven't felt this great in a long while.
Kids & I will put up our Christmas tree in the next few days. Its the traditional 'cookie day' on Saturday at my 'adopted families home'. The kids are excited & so am I. Its just a nice cozy tradition & makes me feel 'a part of something'. I'm so greatful for them. Our extended family by choice!
Kids & I got all moved into our new place. I love it! It's SO much better than our old house. Now I just need to finish unpacking & putting things away. I've gotten rid of a bunch of toys & clothes & know there is more that I can 'unload' to Salvation Army.
I am asking my Angels to help us with our new place & allow it to be a very positive change & for it to be a properous change.
Hope you're all doing great and enjoying life!
In light & love!!

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