Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tired with a Twist of Yawn

Tired today. Combination of little sleep & the fact that its my last day of my week on. **Yawn** It's soooooo cold outside! And I don't think I had enough protein yesterday.
Are you all ready for Christmas? I still have shopping to do. Procrastinator here. I meant NOT be this way this year. I think it was in my New Yrs resolutions somewhere last yr, but alas; here I am again, scrambling to finish the wonderful joys of shopping. It wouldn't have been so if I hadn't of moved into the new place. Time hasn't allowed for me up til now to be able to go 'just Christmas shopping', without the kids. I have to work Christmas Eve & Christmas Day both, great for the pockets, but not so much for the heart. This is the third Christmas I have worked in a row, just the way our rotations fall, and I recognize my kids are only little once. Last yr Santa came early and I'm thinking he will again this yr. ;)
I'm hoping to get a lot of things accomplished on my days off.
I have support group on saturday. Yay!! I'm so looking forward to connecting with others. Then maybe shopping & possibly meeting someone for lunch. Then maybe out later in the evening to watch a friend play/sing in a band.
Hope you are all well!

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