Saturday, March 19, 2011


Why you may ask? I've put on about 5 lbs :(....
I knew my dress slacks were fitting a bit snuggly. Seems that the weight may be added in the mid-section. I NEED intervention. I went on a internet frenzy looking for recipes for post bariatric patients. I didn't find a lot. I need to cut down in portions, stick to protein & water and I NEED to exercise for real!!!!! Not just running after my kids!! The promise that the weather is on the upswing for better days looks good. If I hadn't just gotten on the scales here at work I wouldn't have known for sure how much I put on...5lbs is 5lbs...
I will overcome this...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Summer. I long for you. My kids long for you. Flip flops, sand, warm summer sun, the smell of coconut sun lotion, the smell of fresh cut grass, the waifting of camp fires & grills, the smell of the lake, the sound of a loon. The green leaves on the trees making cool spots to be lazy in.
I've made up my mind. I am buying a bike. I said I was going to last yr and I didn't. This yr is different. If I wait, then I am putting off the exact thing I need to do, which is to be more active. If I wait til WE can afford it, then I'll never have one. (the old saying like kids eh?)
Went to a second hand clothing shop today & bought a new purse, new shoes & 2 new tops...all for $13.00 WOOT WOOT!!
Anyways, I just dropped in for a few brief moments (seems thats all I ever have to myself lately) to check things out & blog a bit. Sheesh, it would be great if I could get paid to blog..I love to write, I love to read & I could so love that!! Got to go make pork steaks, taters & a veggie for my family of 8..otherwise they'll all be protesting in another hr that "Mom I'm hungry!!"
Hope everyone is doing well! God Bless!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello I am here, somewhere...

Cabin fever? Not really. More like I would love it if Jillian Michaels were a friend to help kick me in the pants to become more movitated & help me to be creative in exercising. Do I need that drastic a push? Yeah, I think so because I've gotten off track. My eating habits have gone to the way side, what with gas prices, 6 kids in the house..buying the proper foods has not been high priority. I suffer because of it. I eat a lot of what they eat. There are still foods I cannot eat. My teenage kids look at the portions I put on my plate and say "Geez, wish I could eat only that much & feel full."
I feel like I need someone to help push me, not militant like, but jovial friend "I'll kick you in the pants type." I still see myself as the almost 400lb person I WAS. I often do double takes in the mirror because I can't believe it's me. I still keep that 'safe space' around me that I had when I was heavy, that place where because your larger you keep yourself in. My new job does not offer the benefits of having insurance so I am without the proper avenues to keep up medically. I do my best & I know I need to start going to support group, as I need to connect with others who share in some of the same struggles & achievements. My husband is wonderful & caring & its always a blessing when he tells me how attracted he is too me, or how beautiful I am. I do believe that. But there are things in thought processes he can't understand, a part of who I am, who I used to be, that I struggle with sometimes. That little insecure side of me that still jumps up in my face once in awhile. Who would I be without that girl that I used to be? I am thankful of this journey. Really, I am. It's made me grow within myself & my understanding of others.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winter- Why Are You Still Here?

Winter, I am so done with you. Would you please step off my back porch and quite antagonizing? I wish Mother Nature would swoon us like she did the one week recently. I'm ready to put away my winter coat & pull out my spring jacket!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wanting to be Tigger, but feeling more like Piglet...

Ok ok so the title may be a little misleading. For this very moment it refers to the fact that I WISH I had as much energy as Tigger appears to always have, but right now I am feeling more like Piglet...little, timid, stuttery & someone who needs big arms to help get to higher places. Although I do have to say Piglet would fit my eating habits lately. No, I don't eat large quantities, but rather things that really shouldn't be fitting into my diet....Piglet.....
I am doing fine. Haven't lost & haven't gained. Can we say PLATEAU?? Alright, so it's been at least 3 months that I haven't lost, well maybe a bit more than that actually...but I haven't exactly been proactive in getting this last 30lbs off. I hate cold weather, so my love of walking outside is not happening right now. I want to join a gym but cannot afford to at this time, so maybe after tax time I can check out a Zumba class or even p90x. I just would really like to tone up.
My internet at home is limited right now to only on my mobile phone. My laptop caught a nasty virus & I am going to have it cleaned & hopefully restored to its former faster self!!
Everyone here is doing fine. Kids being kids & busier than ever!
I changed jobs after 11 yrs and so far love the new chapters that are occuring in my life. My new co-workers are unique & I know I will fit right in! I do miss a few people from my old office, the ones I will always cherish & hopefully stay in contact thru on Facebook, but like my sister said "sometimes it takes a bigger bird to push you out of the nest" wink wink..
Here's a little funny I heard today..."Where do snowmen post their webpages?---On the 'winternet'. :)