Monday, January 4, 2010

Death, Re-birth & the Promise of Tomorrow

My maternal grandmother died yesterday. She was 95 due to turn 96 in April. Her health had been failing her and so had her mind, but I know she lived a wonderful God filled life & now the Angels have taken her home. She wasn't a 'close' grandma, she had always had her own agendas & lived far away. I do have fond memories of her making us peanut butter & banana sandwiches as kids, telling us during the summer months to steer clear of dragonflies or else they would sew our eyes shut with their tails. She had a white fluffy dog for a long time named 'Tuffy' & she loved her dearly. She had this smile & this laugh I don't think I could ever forget, kind of like a melody with a high dramatic end to it. Her hands were soft as silk & she attended church & also taught bible study classes for years. She lived modestly & spoke softly. What a beautiful woman. You will be missed grandma.
This new year has actually besides the loss of my grandmother been uplifting and more promising and peaceful than I could have imagined. I think mostly in part to my changed way of looking at life in its totality and too my being surrounded by some pretty amazing people at all levels. I am still learning my 'gifts', but things seem to come a bit easier to me now. I am also very in tune with my body and the changes it has gone thru and the changes it continues to go thru. I am conscious of what I put in my body, my mouth. I am empowered by my success and know that I can go the distance. That this is only one small part of who I am and theres so much more to be thankful for.
I am down 100lbs as of today. My new fav jeans that I got at Christmas time are a tad bit big on me. Is it ok to say that I like my big butt? And that I do not wish to lose my boobs? LAUGH. I am serious though.
There are a few other developments that I wish to remain anonymous at this time but I will update you on those at a later time. Sometimes when you wish & pray and have tucked those things away and have the patience for them to develop, well; they I believe are answered. All we have to do is keep the Faith.
Remember that a smile & even a warm embrace can change a dismal day into one filled with hope.
In light & love

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