Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Pouch Hates Me

So yesterday was quite the adventure. I pureed tuna fish with a little lite mayo & skim milk, and had that on saltine crackers. Ugh. It did not sit well and made me miserable!! I think I had 6 small squares all day and in between I did have a 3oz shake with protein added. I felt bloated & I had discomfort in between my shoulder blades. Weird feeling. And I'm not sure yet, but maybe it was the feeling of being stuck in my pouch??
I had no real pain, just very uncomfortable. Then last night late I realized I hadn't taken my antacid tablet at could I forget that. That added to the whole thing. So I took it & within 45 min I started to feel a little better. But I went to bed feeling pouch heavy.
Today I went back to my magic elixir.
I didn't want to chance it & I may try later to get something else in pureed wise. I said I wasn't going to, but I think I might go get a few jars of baby food veggies and what not. Doing that myself would waste a lot of food. So plan food, later. I just don't want that feeling again.
I did remember to take my antacid already today and I have had 2 multi vitamins thus far, with two more to go before the day is out.
Kids and I have been cleaning. It'll be so nice to cuddle into bed tonight with fresh bedding and pj's. Think we may go for a walk this evening as it is totally gorgeous out today!! We have pretty full days the next 2 days planned. Visiting family both days, both destinations, one an hour away, the other half hr. But it will be good too see my brother & his kids since I haven't since early summer. And on Monday, maybe the kids will get to use the pool at Papa & Nana's the last time before the seasons out, who knows. Michigan...

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