Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melting with effort...

Had class/support group tonight in East Lansing. Was pretty cool. I was so tired by the time I got there, but everyone was "Wow, you look great!!" that that made up for the fact that I just wanted to crawl back to one of the patient rooms & fall asleep. No rest for the weary today. I could have found the time, but I went to the 'Connections' group in Mt Peezy before I had to be to class in Lansing.
I have lost a total of 16lbs since surgery according to my weigh in today. I asked the nurse "ok, is that healthy in one wk?" she responded with "J thats great!! You're doing wonderfully & everyone is different, they lose at different rates." Ok, I'll take that. I had labs drawn and tried to drink 3 ounces of my 'magic elixir' during class. Met with th dietician & I have graduated to pureed food as of tomorrow. What does that mean?? Texture, variety & one wk of baby like consistancy. That might not sound appealing too you, but my "pouch" (definition of stomach for a post wls patient) is the size of an egg, it can only hold 2 ounces at a time. Amazing huh? And I still have to try and get my 72 grams of protein in a day. I've researched it enough that I don't think it will be that hard to do as long as I'm keeping track of what I eat & whats in it. Plus I have the powder protein to scoop in if I have too. Feel like I am melting, but obviously with effort, otherwise I wouldn't be seeing the results I am. Stopped by my office today to pick up my paycheck & everyone there was like "wow you're melting!! we won't know you when you get back in 2 1/2 weeks!!" I said "yes you will, I'll be the one asking to borrow safety pins to keep my clothes on!!" :)
So now I can have things like low fat cottage cheese on a saltine cracker or small square of toast. I can take tuna or salmon & pure' that & put it on the same & add a little low fat/lite mayo so that its not so dry. I can pure' a banana :) Woohoo!! And theres just all kinds of stuff soft the I can have. I have to make sure I eat 6 somethings small everyday & make sure that I am getting the protein. They said some people are able to eat a 1/2 cup of food by the end of the week & I'm thinking "For real??" Cuz I'm having issues drinking 3 ounces of magic elixir 3-4 times a day, when I am supposed to have it 6 times a day. Thank goodness for adult chewable multi-vitamins!
Have been walking more. :) It's great. They gave us free pedometers in class. I had one already but this one is really nice, think I'll be wearing it more than my old one. They want us walking at least a mile to three miles a day. Gradually working into that of course. It'll be interesting to see just what I do before I actually go out for the walk, to see what I do on a daily basis. My right foot has given me problems today (hurt it in an accident about 17 yrs ago & it flares up from time to time) I think it's just because I was so busy & didn't rest much.
Am resting tomorrow while the kids are cleaning & then in daycare for awhile to give me a break. Maybe lounge around and read my book (currently reading: 'The Doctors Wife' Elizabeth Brundage) and also watch a couple movies that I rented..girly stuff & then history stuff.

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