Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick Update

I made myself egg beaters scrambled eggs this morning, with a little mozzarella cheese, parsley flakes, salt/pepper, and a few bits of ham. Yum! I had a 'normal' tasting breakfast! And there was protein involved! I'm finding it hard to get the protein in now that I've cut out the protein shakes the last few days. I need to switch to a different shake mix because the one I have currently is just too sweet. :( Me & sugar are not so good buddies anymore. He treats me badly if I eat something he's in. I do plan on getting new shake mixes from class/support group tomorrow when I go weigh in and fill out my weekly check in form. Just for those days when I know I didn't get the protein & I need to have a shake to balance it all out.
What am I eating? Thats the question I get asked a lot lately. I eat thinly sliced ham, non fat small curd cottage cheese, yogurt (I tried to stick to the greek stuff, but I switched to yoplait low fat, only key lime & banana flavors for now- I still can't have anything with seeds in it) I will probably be able to eat the greek stuff once I can have all those wonderful flavors, but I just had a hard time with the plain stuff. Ugh. I ate a few bites of a baked pork chop, it tasted so good, but it didn't set well in my pouch. It took a long time to process, so I know to stay away from that for awhile longer. I eat applesauce, and still from time to time have eaten baby food veggies.
I walked into work yesterday and the gal that works the wonderful Cafe outside my office, whom I used to get a lovely french vanilla/hazelnut latte from everyday when I could drink stuff like that, says too me "Everyday I see you I think you're gonna walk right outta your scrubs!" Ha! Just because they are BIG on me now that I have lost so much weight. I can't afford to at this point go investing in a lot of clothing, so for now they work. I still don't see me like other people see me. My mind is having that lapse and still sees me like I saw myself.
But thats my quick update. I go to class/support group tomorrow and will update you all after I attend! I hope your all doing well & stay blessed!!

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