Sunday, September 27, 2009

All Good Things to Those Who Wait....(wouldn't that be grand?)

In support group/class I was graduated from soft foods to soft but regular foods, keeping in mind to keep it healthy, low or no fat, no or little sugars, and remembering in trying a new food to try a little and see how it sits. Whew. As if that isn't enough and trying to remember to wait that half hr after eating before I can drink my water, and just trying to get enough darn water in!!!!! I only lost 1lb this wk, but I'm ok with that. At least it was a loss right? And they measured me this time, I hadn't been measured since the day I started the program preop. I've lost 8 inches from around my waist & 7 inches from around my hips. I was like "Are you sure? Because I can't believe that." And she says "Look by your first measurements." I was impressed and thats what made me ok with losing just 1lb. Because I'm still succeeding. I may not see myself as others see me, but I'm trying my best ;)
I spent today with family & it was nice to chat & see everyone. Had a few bites of marinated meatballs, seemed to set well. And then my neice brought out her protein drink she drinks & I had a bit of that & liked it, so off to GNC I will go to find the same brand & flavor. My whey protein drink gets to me sometimes...the sweetness of it, ugh. My kids had a ball and were sleeping like babies by the time we got home tonight.
I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on tuesday this week. We shall see what he has to say & if he releases me to go back to work full time then too. I'm really going to have to work extra hard on my juggling eating what i need to eat, drinking the water & working. I struggled last wk with it & I was only back part time. I know it can be done, but when you have a boss that doesn't understand, or tolerates things, well you get the picture.
I love this time of year. All the wonderful smells of Fall, the leaves changing, even though we didn't have much of a summer. The beautiful pumpkins and how people display them. Just the 'change' that you feel taking place. Maybe this yr it feels a little more so with what my body is going thru & the things I want to achieve. God give me strength.
Blessing too all!! ^j^

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