Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy Fall Day

Rainy Fall Day here. It's been rainy for 3 days now. Everything is soggy. The walk from my drive 2 the sidewalk is squishy. My lawn is full of golden colored leaves. I am seeing more displays of pumpkins out & more funny displays. Hilarious. The kids & I carved pumpkins last night at my 'adopted' parents house. We had fun! My youngest is 2 and he really got into it this year. The looks on his face as he reached in to grab out the seeds/guts was priceless!!
Had a cup of Total cereal this morning (2 grams protein) with about 1/3 c of Silk Soy Milk, lactose free, which was about the same in protein. Then chewed my chewable citrus vitamin, that post bari patients MUST have as a daily staple in their diet so as to keep afloat with daily vitamin needs.
Had a spot of pot roast (about the size of 2 fifty cent pieces but thick in width) & a few peas for dinner last night. I was so full after I ate I thought I might burst. But meat does that to my pouch, so thats why I try & just focus on the protein. I did find something new to drink. It's called "Muscle Milk" Light I buy the chocolate flavor. It's a nutritional shake, that I've seen come in Vanilla, Chocolate & Banana Creme. It's lactose free, 20g of protein (14 fl oz bottle) & has NO sugar added. The 'Light' version is 160 calories, the regular I think is about 260 calories. I had 2 of those this past week. Both times I bought & had it, it took me 2 days to finish. I'm still not about 'sweet' yet, and not that its so sweet, but for me it can be overwhelming in taste. It's kind of expensive, but I think worth it. ;) I did do the salmon thing I talked about in my last blog. Though it was good, it did not sit well in my pouch and created what is called "the foamies" for me. I thought I might get sick at one point, but did not. I think it was more the fact that I didn't eat as slowly as I should have and it caught my pouch off guard. I did manage small bits of it thru out the day but not as much as I had initially had. I'm finding that even though I have to cook for my kids, I have no urge to have what they are eating. And just as I said, I am starting to incorporate better things for them to eat as well. I baked cinnamon rolls and colored the frosting a nice orange for a halloween flair and I had no problems not eating any of them, when before I might pass by them in the kitchen and eat one, then later have another. Not anymore!
The new jeans I bought last weekend for the reunion I put on yesterday for the first time in a week and took my boys grocery shopping with me. I kept having to tug at the waist because it seemed that they fit a little looser than they had before. What?! I just bought these...hmmm. Maybe they shrunk last night in the wash...lets pray.
I had the invite to sit in on a 'MAP' class this afternoon. 'Medical Assistance Program' with the group in Mt Pleasant. I would so love to go, it deals with helping to heal yourself and others, but I may not be able to attend. No sitter in sight today. Monday I hope to spend time with two friends and watch as they channel 'spirit'. It should be interesting none the less! And then drum circle is tuesday night! I think I am sooo looking forward to that meditation time and the fact that I plan on stopping and getting a lovely high protein shake at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe!!!! Hooray!!
Well, off I go to clean my house and do the bedding in laundry! Ohhh AND I am planning on making homemade chili today! YUM! The crockpot simmering in the kitchen, the smells of fresh sheets coming out of the dryer, and the soft tap of rain in the windows. The weekend is totally here...
In light ^j^ have a wonderful weekend!

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