Monday, October 5, 2009

Mother Nature with PMS

Worked thru the weekend. Mostly uneventful. Was childless on Friday night & what did I do? I went home & was in bed by 10pm & slept like a baby!!!! The whole wkend was miserable cold & rainy. Mother Nature with PMS for sure!!!
Doing well. Trying to walk everyday, or at least do some stretching exercises. My energy has picked up & I find that my lower back pain has resolved.
I am going to work on recipes my next 7 days off from work. Try a few out so that I can get a variety of flavor. Thats where I feel like my lack of interest in eating flavors!! Argh!
Weighed myself this morning and have lost another 3lbs. Someone asked me if I have lost any hair. No, not yet & I hope not too!! Or did they mean from pulling it out because of my kids?? *laugh* I haven't had any more hair falling out than normal when I brush it in the morning.
I have noticed I am sleeping better in the night, less tired during the day. I had to move my seat up just a little more to be closer to the steering wheel in my vechicle. I am down 2 sizes in tops, and I think only 1 or 2 sizes in pants. All I know is that I will in a few wks time have 2 look into buying new scrubs for work, having someone take them in for me, because I have a few things that are almost falling off me.
There's a Mind, Body Soul Fair at a local University this coming Saturday that I think I am going to check out. I have the potential for a date but am not sure if I will accept the invite. We shall see. Then Sunday is the Post Bariatric Annual Picnic in Lansing at 1 of the parks. Haven't RSVP'd to that yet, not sure about the weather & kids situation. Ahhh, the choices.
Hope you're all doing well!!

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