Friday, October 16, 2009

Wish Me Luck!

Tomorrow I am supposed to be working. BUT, I'm not going to be working. Taking the day off w/ pay so that I can pamper myself first, then I have my 20 yr class reunion from high school to go to!! I'm excited, yet a lil nervous to see people that I haven't bumped elbows w/ for a long while. I guess I'm interested in seeing how people have changed or stayed the same. My class was about 72 total, & we're having it in the local bar/restuarant. So we shall see. I can be the biggest bitch about cigarette smoke, ugh, lol. AND I don't drink, or realllly can't anyways post bariatric, so this could be very interesting. I'm excited to see my bff from high school who is now a Dr & married w/ children. Gettin my nails done, & buyin new jeans cuz if u could see the ones I have been wearing u would know that I need a shoe lace or belt just to keep them up!!!
Oh yeah, weight lose total: 57lbs!! Woot!
Eat right, take your vitamins, stick to the plan, get some exercise, and be true too you!!!
Hugz~ ^j^


  1. Have a great time at your reunion!! And congrats on your loss so far :)

  2. I hope that you enjoyed yourself. You deserve it! Thanks for the blog, you are an inspiration to me. Did you find the card for Rieki?

  3. Thanks girls!! I had an awesome time! & Sara I will have the # for u before wednesday :). Inspiration too you? Awww, thanks! As you are too me as well!!!