Sunday, October 18, 2009

Had an amazing time last night at my class reunion! I'm so glad I went & it def was nice to catch up!

I had to buy a new pair of jeans to go though. Per orders from a few friends since they sized me up in my old favs that I had been proud of a few wks ago to get back into, however it was pointed out too me that they didn't really fit me anymore. What do you mean, they 'don't fit'?? Just because I have to either belt them or use a shoe string to gather them in a little...I LOVE them!! Well..I don't see me as others see me, so my kind friends who are brutaully honest (which I thank them for) made me well aware of the fact that my favs 'sagged' in the butt. Haha!! shopping I went and found a great pair that I had to keep turning around in because I was seeing myself with new eyes. BUT I didn't take Heather S's advice & buy a pair that I would have to lay down on the bed with pliers to get the zipper up. Haha!! Since in a few wks they will also be almost falling off me, or 'sagging' in the butt!! I also bought a new winter coat, something I haven't had in 8 yrs. Wow huh?
Anywho, I have been walking more & doing some great stretching exercises. I have been feeling great and doing lots better on my water intake. I haven't deviated by drinking anything that I shouldn't. Case in point: last night class reunion. I wanted something to drink so I approached the barmaid with "Can I get a water?" She says, "You sure you want water?" I was like ok, is this a trick question? I did just say I wanted water. I said "yeah thanks" and she got a nice big glass tumbler full of ice water ready for me, stuck a perfect little red straw in it & said "You know what I'm gonna stick a lemon slice on the side of it for you." I laughed. Did she feel bad that I was asking for water? I mean, because I wasn't embarassed to ask for the water, but whatever made her feel comfortable. :) So when I got back to my friends, they said "You could be drinking straight vodka & no one would know." Interesting. :) But nah, it wasn't that serious.
I've decided that chili is my newest bestest friend. Not only because its cold outside & helps to warm the insides, but because it settles well in my pouch. Weird huh? Chili? U say...yeah chili. My bariatric Dr gave me that little insight in one of the last classes I had to attend with him post op. He says that chili is full of protein with the variety of beans & then also the beef. So, I have it a few times a week. I've made my own, or for a quick fix gone thru the drive thru at Wendys and bought it. The second newest favorite, oh my, is actually probably my number one fav: Tropical Smoothie Cafe' makes the most delicious high protein (in soy or whey, your choice) smoothies to die for!! My Mt Pleasant friends introduced me to this new world of healthy smoothies & I am HOOKED!!! I have only gone twice and both times gotten the "Health Nut" (blueberry, mango, banana, almonds & whey protein) smoothie. I love it!!!
What else am I eating you ask? I find that lean beef in general, whether it be slowed cooked, broiled, baked, etc, settles well with me. Still iffy on the chicken & tuna. I did buy some thick fresh salmon fillets to bake and I plan on doing that in the next few days, and I'll keep you posted about how that went. I want to start singing that dumb McDonalds commercial..."give me that fillet o fish, give me that fish.." ugh now it will be stuck in my head the rest of the day!!! (and yours now too.)
I hope your all doing well!
In light & positive energy!! ^j^

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