Monday, November 16, 2009


Today I am thankful. Not for any one specific thing, but for many things in life. I'm thankful for my children & our good health. For the many blessing God continues to bestow upon us. For a job, that even though I still love but am not so 'happy' with.
I am doing well. Sitting here eating a 1/3 c of Smart Start Toasted Oat cereal with low fat skim milk, just enough milk to cover the bottom of the bowl & get the cereal wet. Lost 1lb over the weekend. Have been doing a lot of walking lately & I have noticed an energy increase!! Yay!!
Some people have asked me what I take for my multi-vitamin. I take Optisource Post Bariatric Chewable. I get mine thru the weight loss clinic I attend, although WalGreens does carry it as well!! . There's the product information on it if you'd like to check it out! It definately beats having to take several vitamins a day, & I eat a small little something with it to off set the citrus taste. I have to take one chewable tablet 4 times a day per Dr orders for post bari patients.
Friends & I went and seen Paranormal Activity the movie, in theaters. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the filming is a lot like how the movie 'Blair Witch' was filmed & I was not impressed with this movie much. The scare factor was there a few times, but I would'nt see or rent this movie again. Once is enough. And according to reviews I have heard about the movie 2012, I probably will not go see that.
The holidays are just around the corner. I am scheduled to work Thanksgiving & Christmas this year. Working Thanksgiving just gives me the excuse to not be around all that wonderful food, plus get time and a half & holiday pay on top! I'm a little sad about working Christmas, although my kids could celebrate any day I'm sure. I haven't even started shopping yet, so I think I need to kick it in gear this next week off and get some of it done.
I hope you are all well!!

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