Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Class/Support Group was tonight...

My last bariatric class/support group was tonight for before my surgery. The next one will be in 2 wks & that one will begin my post op support group/class. It was a good class & one of the guys in class is having surgery the same day I am, just after me. We are the first 2 patients of Dr's that day. Class was good. Learned about what was going to be happening in the hospital, the things we can expect & what we should bring..etc.

I had preop today as well with Dr Y. That went well & pretty quick because I had had my chest xray done & labs were current.

I spent the hours between my appts browsing the bookstore & I bought a Rachael Ray Cookbook on sale. A world Atlas book for my oldest son (and me too, when we want to discover). And I picked up 2 Sylvia Browne books they were all on sale..can't beat that. Then I went to another interesting store, Coyote Wisdom. An alternative spiritualism/healing/book/trinket store. Very cool. I also bought a CD, stones, & an Angel book.

Thought we might get some nasty storms the way the skies looked & opened up at one point. It just kinda a blew over..I wouldn't have minded the rain, but I didn't want it to get bad stormy out like they were predicting.

Well, I just want to say thanks for all the encouragement & well wishes from everyone!! Less then a wk before surgery. I had to sign the final surgery commitment papers today...sheesh. That was fun..reading all about the risks etc...BUT..I know everything will be fine. ^i^

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