Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ever Notice?

Ever notice how much advertising in food & drink is pushed at us?? It's totally riducules!! Try fasting for 12 hrs & watching tv or listening to the radio, or even reading a magazine, it's there, all over every other page, or every other commercial.

Day 17 here on optifast. Yesterday was a good day, spent it walking at the Mint Festival & had 2 walk briskly past the 'kettle corn' stand. We didn't even pass thru the food vendors section (which secretly I was greatful for, becuz summertime is just not summer w/out a brat & onions/green peppers.) Instead the fam opted for Burger King, where once seated I popped out my magic elixir in the flavor of chocolate & shook it up & drank it. I wasn't phased by the burgers or fries, or the sip sip of soda being sucked from an almost empty cup. Annoying as it sounded. Got home w/ the kids and we took a long walk around the city. I felt great.

Today there was a sushi issue. Ugh. I love sushi. It was there, I eyed it. I walked away. Raw fish & rice, what could it hurt right? It stayed there for someone else to buy. Sushi is sushi...whenever I've had it, it's nice to have a few times a year, but its an aquired taste & even liking it I wouldn't want it all the time or more than a few times every few months. I like cooked oysters on the half shell, but feel the same way about that.

Had my spiritualism class today. Well it wasn't 'class-class'. There were only 4 of us who met, but we all agreed that we need to keep some sort of connection going instead of going so long inbetween classes. So we took it off the cuff. It was nice. We had a drum meditation, which was interesting & relaxing at the same time. Afterwards I went over by the casino to see if the Zibiwing Center/Museum was open, of course, my luck, it wasn't. Just wanted to browse a bit & maybe see if they had any hand drums for sale in the gift shop. It rained on my way home. Hard fast cleansing rain. Then it rolled on past & the hot muggy air resumed. Got back to the fams house to pick up the kids & they were eating pizza. Nice. I was starving. I drank my water & read a magazine. Yeah...there they were, all the food adds, or drink this, taste that! After awhile did you know when you deprive yourself of certain things, they don't even appeal to you? Not everything of course. And I guess it's prolly different for everyone. But I thought I would struggle w/ not having Mt Dew. No craving. None whatsoever. Weird huh?

I have a week and a half til my surgery. I'm anxious. I want everything to go smoothly & the transition after to go smoothly as well. My preop appt is this coming thursday & after is support group/class. I haven't quite got my support people in place or figured out how things will work after, but I have faith it will work out. I hate having to rely on others to help out in any way. But I know that we all NEED people at different times, I'm just so used to helping others that it's hard for me to accept help when I truly am in need. Go figure.

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