Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Food, No Caffeine

Today is day 13 of my optifast liquid diet that I will be on til surgery on Aug 26th. I'm staying motivated and sticking to what I'm supposed to be doing. Don't let anyone believe that this is an 'easy way out' of weight loss, becuz it's not easy!

Being a single parent & cooking food for 3 children & only being able to drink your dinner is something I never thought I might struggle with. It's not so bad, but all those smells is what gets me the most! I lost 9.5 lbs the first 7 days I was on. I can't wait for support group/class tomorrow becuz I really need the 'pick me up'. I'm not 'down', but I need to be around people who are going thru the same things, or went thru the same things. I've been feeling pretty good, noticed I have a bit more energy. I just finished a full stretch of 7 days straight at work 10 1/2 hr days, not including the 1/2 hr trip there & back, so I'm soooo tired tonight.

Going to curl up with my body pillow with the fan on & hopefully dream sweet dreams. Night Night.

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