Friday, August 21, 2009

Did you notice the flower ;)

Yesterdays blog lacked a little. Sorry. My mind was elsewhere, I think it was somewhere between the low fat, super easy healthy "Philly Cheese Steak Cassarole" recipe I came across in my ventures of finding healthy things to make after I have the wls, and the recipe/health tips folder I am putting together for myself for quick reference, and tending to my 3 children! Yum & whew! Yeah this whole 'magic elixir' Getting rough. BUT...I'm dedicated because you know what??? The scales do not lie!! ;) I'm down 22lbs, and another 5 days including today to go before I have the surgery.
So...the signing of the final paperwork yesterday, yeah that was glorious!! Good thing I've had 3 c-sections & a few other minor surgeries enough to know that they basically say "if we cut you you could die". Blah!!!! I'll admit, reading through the entire thing almost made me nauseaous, but thankfully I've got experience under my belt & FAITH!! I got to talk to the director of the Weight Management Center, Patrick yesterday. That was pretty cool & he informed me that he would like my help in facilitating him in getting a support group going at the hospital where I work!! Yay! He said "It wouldn't be just for 'our' patients benefit but for anyone in or around the area who has had or is planning on having the surgery & even their families." Cool huh? I'm stoked.
Well my street is tore up totally. Ugh. I don't mind the walking a block to get to my vechicle part, but its the fact that I'm used to it being parked right outside the garage. NOT down the street, out of sight, in a dark parking area. Yeah..totally not cool. It should be fun the day I come home from surgery! :(
I bought the whey protein that the dietician told class to make sure and buy for our meals after surgery. HUGE bottle. Got it on sale at Walmart for $14.95, the container is industrial size like when you buy bulk salad dressing, at least thats all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment. Lets hope it lasts awhile, cuz it could get awfully expensive. I have to buy my chewable vitamins yet, and I have a grocery list started and have bought a few items low fat & lean & sugar free. A whole new way of buying. Will I still let my kids have regular good ole food...yeah, from time to time I guess. But you'd be amazed with the recipes & tastes you get from cooking & preparing things more healthy. Who woulda ever thought?? Makes me think twice about ever driving thru a drive thru for food again, yeah its great in a pinch, but not so great on your waistline. Some people don't have to worry about that & thats great!! I'm just not one of those people & I don't want my kids going down the same path I did if genetics has anything to do with it!!! Yeah I had my thyroid aka. natural metabolism maker removed...but I wasn't provided with, nor did I educate myself enough about what that could mean down the road. An extra thigh & leg later..... HA! HA! ;)
I have 4 sisters who I stay in regular contact with. I love them!!!! :) I'm so blessed that they are supportive, despite the fact that they all were graced with lovely little bodies & petite features. Well, maybe they did end up with moms butt a little bit (please don't hit me the next time you see me!) but hey...we all have to have some traits right? I ended up big & tall like my dad.
I recieved a call from the wls clinic today while I was at work. They told me my labs yesterday say that I'm dehydrated. Dehydrated?? Really?? Omg, I feel like I am floating everywhere & I'm in the bathroom constantly! They told me to up my water intake from the 60-64 fluid ounces I'm doing now to 80-90!! FOR REAL?!? Is that healthy?? I guess it is when your dehydrated & they want me well hydrated before lets just say "HOPE FLOATS!!!" (isn't that a movie or something? I'm sure it is...)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'll be working and maybe even blogging! PEACE.

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  1. I love you! I have thought about you all day. I called and left a message, but, thought you might check this. I will be sending best wishes your way and wish you success tomorrow. I look forward to talking to someone after surgery. I will call your phone! Hopefully your support person will have that with them.