Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sleepy, Sizzilin Saturday

So here's a pic of THE MAN. I so love him!! This pic, of course, does neither of us justice but I still love it because I feel the happiness between us eminating from the dreamy looks were both giving the camera.
I'm working in the office today & its been quite challenging to stay awake. Not only because of my toothache med which makes me sleepy, but because I didn't get to sleep til early this morn. Bobby & I watched the movie 2012 late into the morn then he surfed the web on the laptop looking at homes for sale. Yes yes, we are looking to buy & it is a buyers market right now. We meet with a financial advisor this coming week to work out fine details about credit, debt, blah blah & the easiest way to go about getting what we really want. I would love to be able to stay where we are at but neither of us see that happening & besides, it was his & his ex's place before we got together, so maybe its time to create our own space together & instead of being tucked away on a nice city avenue, maybe we can find peace tucked in open spaces surrounded by a green green forest where lightening bugs galore in the lazy summer evenings! :)
The diet is well.......lets say hit a plateau. I have virtually stayed the same weight now for almost a month. Yay and not so yay. I have between 40 & 60 more lbs to lose to reach goal & I just want to see what I can achieve & if I think it's too much weight lost then be able to put a tad back on but also get more toned up in the process. Still not doing anything routine-ish as far as exercise goes. Darn. Where does time go? I know having three living levels in our house has helped out my legs tremendously, via the stair cases and the daily LOADS of laundry that take place when you have 2 adults & 5 children under one roof. Like I said though, I wouldn't change it for the world. I am in HEAVEN. Seriously.
I have cheated a few times. Ugh. I always feel badly when I eat a cookie or take a sliver of cake. Well not only because, yes, the sugar gives me this belly thing that happens for about an hr or so after I eat the treat (gurgle, pop & 'hey whats in here?') but because I know it doesn't aid in the fact I have hit this plateau either. I did grill the best brats for the fam the other night & it was your typical warm summery evening easy-make dinner. Brats, cold baked beans, chips, salad etc. I decided to try a green pepper & onion stuffed brat, not the cheddar brats I also made with them, & it was great at first, but half way thru I started to get the foamies. My nose started to run & I felt VERY nauseous, so I STOPPED. Pushed myself back from the table full of good conversation & smiles (the fam). Bobby looks at me & says 'Babe you ok?' Me: 'No, I think I am going to be sick.' Him: 'Well if you need to leave the table you can you know.' I stood up & did more than leave the table. I needed as far a way from that plate as possible. I went outside off the back porch & around the side of the house where for a minute I was ok, then I gagged. Then my belly hurt so bad that I thought I might die. Then all that passed & I was fine after about a half hr. Ok, so NOW I know I will still cook those lovely brats, BUT I will NOT eat those lovely brats to save my life. Add another food item to the list of 'will not go there'. But you know what? I am totally OK with that. Totally.
Anyways, I hope that you are all doing well & remembering to drink lots of water ;)
In light & love

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  1. you and your guy look adorable! This was a fun post at a look into your life!