Sunday, April 18, 2010

138 and counting

Thus far I have successfully lost a total of 138lbs. Yay!! I haven't gotten tired of people saying how great I look or some of the responses I still get from people who have not seen me in awhile!
I am doing well. Adding a bit here & there to my diet, but in moderation & on a more 'health conscious' level then ever before. My labs all look good except that my TSH levels are still off. Which makes me want that afternoon nap. But I think I haven't been sleeping well at night either. Am I doing enough during the day to warrant good sleep in the night? FOR SURE!! And sometimes I stay up late with my bf Bobby til the wee hrs of the morning watching tv. (I'm sure the couch has my name on it after 9p or 10p at night) :) Inevitabley though, if I sit for any length of time, what happens?? I fall alseep, plain & simple. I mean thats jus a given for a mother of now 5 (yes I said 5) kids in the house full time ages from 15 to 3, and working full time outside the home & keeping a huge leash on everything else that goes with blissful domestication!! And of course being a best friend & lover to the greatest bf ever!!
I have incorporated walking more into my schedule. This does happen everyday when I am on my 7 day rotation at the hospital. but it doesn't always take precedence in my home life. Does chasing after my 2 youngest count I wonder?? *Laugh* I have realized that I do need to start excercising to keep up my muscle mass & strength. I would love to join a gym & have a regular membership, but its next to impossible at the moment due to finances and lack of time for myself. Ahh, the joys of motherhood. But I wouldn't trade my brood for the world!! Well maybe a 3 month vacay to Scotland with my bf --Ha!! JUST JOKING!! About the trading part that is.
I have an appt coming up to see the weight management behaviorist & also the dietician, which I am looking so forward to! I need to have that re-connect so I can better organize my dietary needs. Not that I feel I have lost track, its not that, but I haven't felt as focused to seek out the protein I know I need on a daily basis.
I know that I am very thankful for all the blessings that have come into my life and for all the wonderful support I continue to recieve. My cup of GRATITUDE overflows at times. When we can get 'ourselves' out of the way I think we can lead & live a happier, more simplified, less stressful life. When you can wake up in the morning, running late, nothing seems to be going the way it should and you can sit on the ride to work, either while driving or being driven & look out the window & appreciate that beautiful sunrise, or even the darker gray tones on a rain cloud, well....I think there's something to be said about that. If we can take a look through more open and inquisitive eyes, its there for us to see and achieve. You just have to believe.
I hope this finds you all well & blessed!!
In Light & Love

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