Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spinach Salad & The Radio Flyer

Had my actual 6 month post bari follow up appt at the weight management center. All went well & it was nice to actually see the figures on paper & make the realization that the fat that I have lost equals 25 five pound bags of sugar. Try pushing that around in the grocery cart for a few spins. Interesting concept huh? I can remember a time when I would walk & I could feel the fat on the top of my back jiggle & thinking to myself "I really need to do something about this". Now I don't have that. I feel the most fit I have ever felt. I still have to take that second glance in the mirror sometimes or in the store window I walk by because I can't believe I am seeing myself. It's funny really. We have 1 mirror at home thats full body & I guess I see myself kind of as my 'old self'. Why? I couldn't tell you. BUT I was antiquing & have found the perfect secod hand/ antique shop here in Alma and I love to visit there every other week. WHY? Well not only because I like second hands & antiques but they have the greatest little spot tucked away in the back of the store. Lining both walls is vintage clothing, purses, bags & shoes BUT the whole wall to the back is a mirror. The first time I walked into that niche I loved it & loved myself. I thought "Wow, I love this mirror, it's one of those fun house mirror thats makes you look smaller and curvier." WELL as I stood there I realized that it in fact was a true mirror & not anything different than what it was & that I was seeing my true self. So when I don't see myself the way I do at home & I get the chance to, I stroll in and browse a bit then go back & see myself & the success I have achieved thus far. I love that moment. That moment of being surrounded by the old, the used, the re-furbished & it makes me feel empowered. Gives me that hope, that breath, that I know I have done this. This IS ME. And I am loving ME.
We have spent more time out in Mother Nature. Kids & I have been walking and enjoying the transition of Spring. The radio flyer has gotten lots of miles on it. It's the old style, metal & old style wheels. Not like the new plastic & big plastic wheels radio flyer. Brings me back to my childhood. We used our radio flyer til it literally rusted out. There came a time when I didn't remember that it was actually red since the brown rust had given it so much character. Back in the day my mom had these old brass like fold out tray tables that had made it outside & we used to take one and fold it out inside the radio flyer & put one of moms old sheer green curtains over it to make it into an old coach wagon. One of us would pull the other pretending of course that we were the best of the best in a horse breed. We used to play "Little House on the Prairie".
Bobby, I & the kids went out for dinner tonite. Ponderosa. Had to bump 2 tables together so we all fit. I love it. I love the kids & I love my life. Had a piece of salisbury steak with gravy, a tablespoonful of mashes potatoes. Steamed green pepper & onions & I splurged & had a piece of banana bread. Before that I ate a small portion of spinach salad with garbonzo beans, pecans, shredded cheese & a little olive oil & manadarin orange slices. I was pretty stuffed feeling when I finished. I didn't eat well today, meaning I didn't plan anything becuase usually I eat several small things thru out the day, but the running I had to do & the Dr appt.
I'm tired tonite. The couch is calling my name. Well actually I am already here typing from the laptop. But it's time for quiet time, that 'end of the day' slow relaxation & mindless entertainment from "Three and a Half Men" ;)
Here's to health and wealth in many more ways then most conventional.
WE are blessed.

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