Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Headache. Ugh. Try a 5 day or more headache. No no no I'm not talking about the kids not minding, too much laundry, where we gonna pay that bill from? & 'Did you remember to put gas in the truck when you came home?' kinda headaches. I'm talking. Mind reeling. Forgetfulness because you can't remember what exactly NOT having a headache feels like anymore. (kinda like the stuffy nose thing where you haven't been able to taste anything in days feeling) BUT I think I have finally taken the first step to recovery from the vise thats been put on either side of my head. I went & was seen in ER during my lunch half hr today. I had a filling fall out of a tooth a week or so ago & of course, have put myself last amongst everything else going on in life & the Dr decided to put a bit of pressure on it & it made me jump. Ah yes, so I have no been blessed with good genes when it comes to my teeth. And it probably didn't help that from the age of about 17 til 39ish I drank way too much soda on a daily basis & did not eat as healthy as I do now. So alas, my ER visit discharge read 'Tooth Pain w/ headache' & I was put on an anti-biotic & a pain killer, since tylenol was not touching the pain anymore. Wonderful. However, I have had a slight reprieve from the pain which has been heaven sent as I only slept about 3-4 hrs last night because the pain was so intense I thought my head might pop off my shoulders. I tried to avoid the ER to resolve this, but my work schedule has been so that I can't make clinic hrs when they are open & I needed some immediate relief since I'd already been self healing at home.
I had a cup of chili for lunch today. It was heaven with big fat chunks of tomatoes. It warmed my insides and gave me that extra heat I needed once I went out for my walk afterwards. It was all of about 60 degrees out, not so bad, but would have loved the sunshine for its warmth today.
For dinner I had a slice of roast beef with gravy over & 5 brussel sprouts (YUM!). My inbetween snacks today were a carb master strawberry yogurt from Kroger. A banana. And my breakfast was Honey bunches of Oats with Almonds with low fat milk. Not bad. The day is not over & if I choose another snack I'm sure it will be a veggie with a bit of peanut butter for taste.
I lost 7 lbs. Finally off the plateau, but I weighed myself mid morning this morn and it read 2 lbs back on. Maybe it was the difference in weight of what I wore from the other day as well, who knows. Either way I fee like I look great & I know I am still on the right path. ;)
On a more 'blonde' note: I went to leave for work yesterday morn & the trucks steering decided to lock up on me. I did what I was taught by turning the wheel, only it become seriously locked & I was getting frustrated. Walked back in the house to where my significant other was sitting & asked "Babe is there some magic spell I need to do or something to unlock the steering wheel in your truck?" He came out & we both wen thru another 15 minutes of "You've got to be kidding me?" "Gonna string the kids up by their toes..What the h E double hockey sticks? and so forth. I call my adopted dad to see if he can think of anything that we may not have.... He says "Are you sure you have the right key?" WHAT? Of course I (look down & ummmmmm) I looked at Bobby and said "Babe these are the keys for the red truck, not this one." Oh my HEAVENS!!! I wanted to crawl under the truck & hide & he walks away with a huge smile and relief written all over his face & as he's handing me the right keys to get me where we need to go. Grrrr....life's little blonde moments.
Anywho, my life is ticking I must bid farewell. Have an awesome night minus blonde moments!!

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  1. OH! I feel your pain! Tooth pain, no sleep! You poor thing!
    I hope you get that taken care of and get relief soon!
    BLOND moment! That key story was hilarious! I do things like that .unfortunately too much!
    Once we were in a hotel and i could NOT get the hair dryer to work. went to front desk- that had to find me one and bring it up to me... the guy brings it. oh! yep - he looked and I didn't have it PLUGGED in!