Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Ring

Here's a pic of the ring. Of course it's beautiful here BUT much more beautiful in person. ;)
It is black hills gold with a gold & copper leaf design inset on either side of the diamond. Sooo pretty. And I don't know what it is but I have always had an affinity to trees & leaves, & Bobby did not know this at the time he bought it but it's totally perfect!!!
I'm bored today. Bored; you say? Yes. BORED. Sitting here at work, scheduling done- check. Filing done- check. Waiting for phone calls back- check. Bored. CHECK. I brought a few things to read. One I am loving: "Looking and Laughing at Life" by local author Maureen Burns, who is also a motivational speaker. She is so down to earth and hilarious to read! I have also been browsing the "Etsy" website & having fun looking at all the creativity the flourishes from so many people. It helps to inspire me in so many ways.
I ate a turkey/cheese salad for lunch today. It was yummy! Small chunks of turkey, mozarella cheese grated, fresh peas, spinach, leafy greens & lettuce, 3 small cherry tomatoes a little bit of Mrs Dash, & a very little bit of low fat ranch dressing. Oh!! & a sprinkle of sunflower seeds! Yum!
I had a slimfast protein bar for breakfast, then about an hr after I had that I ate a mandarin orange. I so love them! Haven't had enough water to drink today, trying to kick that into gear. But I could so go for a nap right now. Guess I better get up & go for a quick walk to get some blood flowing & hopefully shake off this sleepy slumber that wants to prevade my afternoon. Anyone got an extra pillow? *Laugh*
In light & love


  1. Your ring is GORGEOUS! I also have been struggling with drinking enough water. That is one of my main goals this week- drink tons of water every day!

  2. The ring is absolutely beautiful, just like it's wearer! xoxoxo