Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gettin Ready 2 Christmas Shop!

The hubby & I are getting ready to go Christmas shopping, oh my! This should be interesting, my husband loves to shop & I don't like it much! Imagine that?!??? It's not that I don't find it enjoyable sometimes, but usually I have a list & more of an idea rather than vague descriptions. And I don't like massive crowds or rude people. So I ask today that the Angels protect us :)
And that we have no run ins with rude or inconsiderate people. I know thats asking a lot since its so close to the holiday & every shop & store is so busy this time of year. And to think a yr ago I said I would have all my shopping done by opening day of deer season so that I wouldn't have to go thru this! a class on how to handle procrastination is in order!! Ha!!
My weight loss is doing ok. No losses & no gains to report. This holiday season has found me cheating a bit & for that I feel guilty. I am taking my vitamins as I should & if I feel like I haven't done so well with protein the dietician recommended I drink a lil bit of milk, so I have been.
Well hubby is waiting as I blog to get out there & shop shop shop!
I will blog soon about our adventures!!
Many blessings!

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