Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Beyond Measure

Hello all!! I hope you are all doing well and forging thru the winter doldrums that seem to try and keep our days slow paced and unimaginative. Note: I said 'try'. Some are able to overcome, some of the time, some struggle and others are successful. Thats just life.
I have been well. *Laugh* I guess that would almost be an understatement. My weight loss has been doing well. I am down 125lbs as of yesterday. I had hit a plateau that lasted 2 wks. I did not panic, although I found it odd, as I hadn't switched anything up, but alas, when I went to my Dr appt Monday, I was pleasantly surprised. I am fitting into jeans I could wear when I was a freshmen in highschool. WOW. I know right?? Of course they are not the same jeans, just todays trendy pair in sizes I could fit back then ;) . I have been able to tolerate more foods than before. I eat salads that are high in protein & always take my multi-vitamin. I still do not deviate much from drinking H2O. When I work I do tend to drink decaf, fat free, sugar free lattes, & I do drink a Crystal Light once in a blue moon. I am able to tolerate skim & 2% milk, although I don't drink either much. My boyfriend, Bobby, is a great cook and for that I am greatful, because I love to cook as well, but it is nice to be cooked for too ;). Our house combined is quite interesting. He is an insulin dependant diabetic, so I am trying to educate myself on that in its totality because honestly it scares me. Not severely, but enough that I want to understand it so that I may be of help in any way I possibly can for him. We have lots of sugar free things in our cupboards, and we also have a few extra things around that help him when he plummets.
It's been interesting here lately. We have all been sick, in different ways. Coughs, sinus stuff, ear aches, sore throats. We are all on antibiotics, so hopefully we'll all be better soon.
Valentines was a nice day. :) Bobby took my daughter & I out to LoneStar Steakhouse for dinner & then afterwards unexpectedly he surprised me with a beautiful silver heart locket necklace. I had gotten him a single red rose, a cute music card that plays Etta James song "At Last", and his favs cologne. And of course the total comfort and love that both of us share together was ever present. I'm happy and it makes everything around me so much better. For that I am tremendously greatful. I can't believe how far I have come since mid-year last year until now and it just continues on a grand roll.
For those of you who are wondering. Yes, Bobby & I moved in together. I feel like my cup runneth over. I have the 'man', 'his' kids, 'my' kids, the dog, the house. Sometimes I think I am in a dream. I wouldn't change a thing. When you make it a point to be honest in everything and the other person is on that same page you just 'know'. And its been so exciting.
When your hearts filled with love sometimes it overflows. Share it in everything you do, or touch.
In light & love~

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